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green car hypothesis...

Discussion in Mapping Discussion started by !party, Aug 24, 2012

  1. Aug 9, 2012
    without a ton of testing,
    i've deduced a quick hypothesis about those green cars that are sometimes found laying derelict on the streets
    of zm maps... ( yuck! avocado green, you can't miss it)
    it would seem that when this type of object is off it's axis (not sitting flat, and upright) then there becomes a
    high potential for a glitch to occur. the glitch (in this case) is a spot where the player can become stuck,
    unable to walk, jump, or even crouch... leaving !ztele as the only contingency :frown: bad news for any human
    who thought of using a green honda for a stepping stone.

    details... i think i may have gotten stuck on one of these cars while it was upright, but i know for a fact that
    i have become stuck on several occasions in the cars that were either lying on their side, or upside down.
    i've only just begun to learn SDK and other such mapping intricacies, so for now, i lack the nomenclature for
    better details to report.
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