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Discussion in Introductions started by Arunis, Mar 22, 2012

  1. Mar 22, 2012
    I just saw the introductions forum so I figured I better post while I am still new :panda:.

    Bit about myself... Not much I can say I am fairly old but I enjoy playing zombie escape maps which is how I found Plague Fest. I program for food but did some professional level design around 2000. I ran a Predator server a long time ago and more recently a 24/7 Mako Reactor locked to EXTREME II.

    So far I am overly impressed with the Plague Fest website and servers, keep up the good work. Look forward to shooting some zombs with all of you!
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    • Dec 7, 2010
      Welcome to pF! I am also impressed with with Plaguefest has done. :grin:
    • May 15, 2011
      Welcome to the forums and I hope you find our place comfortable and cozy. ^^
    • Jan 21, 2011
    • Apr 2, 2011
      Welcome to the Forums!
    • Jul 4, 2011
      Welcome to the community. :grin:
    • Jan 8, 2012
      Glad to see you can form correct sentences unline some people and you type like you have a decent head on your shoulders. Welcome to pF brethren. Don't forget to check out our forum rules and server rules if you haven't already.

    • Feb 14, 2012
      Welcome to the forums.
    • Sep 26, 2010
      Welcome to the community! :dance:
    • Aug 1, 2011

      Just thought I should point that out considering the subject of your post hehe.
      Anyways, welcome to the forums and the community.
    • Apr 14, 2011
      Welcome, Watch out for Kosuki... ^^
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      • Jan 8, 2012
      • Jul 28, 2011
        Welcome :wave: