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Grocery List

Discussion in The No Count Section started by dillinger, Feb 23, 2013

  1. Feb 1, 2011
    What's usually on your grocery list when you go to the store? I always get to the grocery store and forget everything I wanted to buy. I'm looking for suggestions on some easy shit to make for dinner / snacks / etc.

    Here is what I have on my grocery list....lol

  2. Sep 14, 2008
    Spaghetti. Anything to do with pasta is easy and pretty inexpensive and good for leftovers. Chili is the same. Sunflower seeds are always on my list :grin: diet pepsi, chicken pot pie. iced tea, cookies, crackers, granola bars, cereal and chunky soup.
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    • Apr 4, 2009
      One of these isn't on @Kebito list.
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      • Mar 12, 2008
        • coffee
        • milk
        • different pastas
        • canned/jarred sauces, they're usually cheap
        • tomatoes
        • mushrooms
        • (if on sale) chicken, otherwise cheap beef
        • refried beans/canned beans
        • tortillas
        • Orowheat brand potato bread
        • lettuce
        • potatoes
        • Worcestershire sauce (i always have it on hand)
        • whole black peppercorns, mixed colors if available
        • tobasco sauce
        • mineral water
        • maybe some sweets
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          Taters, Feb 23, 2013 Last edited by Taters, Feb 23, 2013
        • Feb 21, 2007
          get some ovaltine with dat milk!
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          • Mar 4, 2012
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            • Nov 6, 2011
              well mines really to long to list but it usually has enough to feed 9 ppl for the week
            • May 12, 2012
              *hot pockets
              *mini pockets
              *frozen microwavable food
              *frozen burritos/chimichangas
              *sausage links
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              • Mar 12, 2008
                add some rice to that shit
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                • Nov 11, 2011
                  I haven't had that like in forever.
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                  • Oct 17, 2011
                    And last but not least, TITS.
                    My aunt shops for a lot more but I don't feel like typing them all.
                  • Dec 6, 2011
                    Since I just got home from work, I always have to type a long fucking paragraph somewhere.

                    Most of this is simple to make and good for you. It all tastes good too, or I've probably just gotten used to the taste of it all over the years o.O

                    -skim milk or Silk
                    -Mom's Best Brand Cereals ($1 for healthy ass cereal is a good fucking deal)
                    -skinless grilled chicken breast
                    -wild salmon
                    -salmon jerky (don't knack it til you try it)
                    -wild blueberries (giant ass Costco bag)
                    -almond butter w/ flaxseed oil
                    -Trader Joe's "Super Red Drink Powder"
                    -Dark Chocolate w/ sea salt
                    -albacore tuna
                    -sweet potato fries
                    -Coco Wheats
                    -Quaker oatmeal
                    -wasabi peas
                    -lots of fucking 100% natural honey (from local beekeeper)
                    -black/green tea
                    -greek yogurt
                    -Australian style licorice
                    -kale (coleslaw style)
                    -brown rice
                    -baked potatoes
                    -turkey burgers
                    -olive oil
                    -spaghetti w/ crushed red pepper & spices (cleans out the sinuses!)
                    -Bush's baked beans (brown sugar & bacon style) and Bush's Kidney beans (add in own bacon/ brown sugar)

                    I eat "weird".

                    Basically whenever I go to Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, or Costco, I'm looking for any of these things, and stock up when they go on sale.

                    (probably forgot a few things, I can't remember)
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                    • Aug 1, 2011
                      APPLE JUICE!
                      You cannot go wrong with it.
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                      • Apr 2, 2011
                        Pasta related items: Spaghetti or something of that sort...
                        Pasta Sauce
                        Ground Beef
                        hot dogs
                        Soda of some sort
                        Goldfish or some snack that is similar...
                        milk if I am out...
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                        • Apr 1, 2012
                          -instant noodles
                          -instant noodles, yeah! Asian college boy's life
                          -chicken/beef, depending on my mood for the week
                          -mushrooms because they make everything better (talking about real edible mushrooms)
                          -light cooking cream because they make everything better
                          -favorite mango/apple combination juice
                          -toiletries if running out
                          -paper towels
                          -socks because the laundy machine requires a consumption of 1 pair of socks each week to run.

                          no veggies, I need to gain weight....
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                            iProbie, Feb 23, 2013 Last edited by iProbie, Feb 23, 2013
                          • Mar 12, 2008
                          • Dec 6, 2011
                            Double fix'd
                          • Jun 11, 2012
                            - Pasta
                            - Rice
                            - Chicken is probably the most versatile meat that can be cooked differently and easy
                            - Lettuce (I eat a like half of plate of salad when I have supper because it's filling and also nutrient, also I freaking love salad)
                            - Corn Flakes
                            - Orange Juice or Mango Citrus from Minute Maid
                            - Tomato
                            - Green Bell Peppers
                            - Sriracha sauce
                            - No name ranch dressing is better than all dressing (cheap or expensive)
                            - Oats and Honey Granola Bar from Nature Valley (the 2 bar one not that horrible fused 1 bar crap)
                            - Royal Gala Apple
                            - Banana
                            - Feta cheese for that salad
                            - Tuna can
                            - Whole Wheat bread (or white whole Wheat)

                            The rest of the stuff is stuff you can add to it or stuff that catches your eyes. I usually pick up black olives to eat tuna sandwich with a side of salad when I'm really tired.
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                            • Sep 6, 2010
                              Milk (lactose free)
                              Spaghetti Sauce
                              Veggies: tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, baby carrots, dill, lemons
                              Fruits: strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, nectarines, oranges, apples
                              Ground beef/chicken
                              Coffee cream
                              Frozen/Regular Juice/Pop
                              Frozen Fish Fillets
                              Frozen Pizzas

                              Based on availability and what's on sale atm
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                              • Nov 11, 2011
                                You're both pretty much right... I haven't smelled pussy, ever.