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GTX 680 or AMD 7970?

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Walmart Cashier, Jun 8, 2012

  1. Mar 26, 2012
    Upgrading from a 6870.
  2. Mar 19, 2011
    Definitely would go with a GTX 680.

  3. Nov 29, 2010
    in terms of performance, the 680 has the 7970 beaten. (the 690 is double the performance of a 680)
  4. May 31, 2012
    I have an EVGA GIX 680 SC. Being a tuning kind of guy, Precision X is a sick tuning utility, and I've never had a card that managed itself so well. I haven't been able to even see it at above 55-60C, given that the fan curve is pretty sharp on mine, but still impressive. All games 60+FPS, even tabbing out of a full-screen game (IE Max Payne 3 recently) I can hear the fan slowing down. However, every once and a while (happening pretty rarely with new drivers) the drivers will crash, screen will go blue, and any playing sound will do a weird roll between left and right ear on my headphones. They recover after a few seconds and as previously stated it's rare now, but still an odd quirk.
  5. Feb 18, 2011
    680 is what I'm going for in time and I'm going with EVGA, it will be a nice step up from the two 260's I have. 7970 is also nice, the best out of the brands would probably be MSI.

    To be honest, I personally believe the cards are both the top notch and the differences that exist are smaller ones than what you really need to look for. Go for whatever is cheaper whenever you make the purchase. @Brett has a 7970 (or at least I think) and can tell you about how it is amazing if you want a view from someone who has a perspective from the AMD side. But in the end I think what ends up being the best bang for the buck is the 680.
  6. Dec 6, 2011
    @Walmart Cashier

    Can I shoot myself? Somebody please hand me a gun, I would like to kill myself from the replies in this thread.

    I don't feel like replying to all of my posts in previous threads where I explained the difference between the 680 and the 7970, and why the 7970 blows the 680 away, but I'll put it in a nice little paragraph and tie a little pretty bow to the top of it.

    What the 680 lacks is future performance in upcoming games. What separates AMD from Nvidia is that Nvidia just loves to optimize their shit for the current, popular games. Take BF3 for example, when that came out, Nvidia basically dedicated the 680's processing power to that game. So if you're up for replacing your graphics card once a year, be my guest.

    Another point, is the memory. Your 2GB of VRAM is going to run out pretty quickly the way technology is going, in fact, there's people on GTA IV modding forums saying their 670/680 isn't even holding up on maxed out settings, while my 7950 runs everything without a hiccup, it only goes up to 50% video usage when I'm seeing posts about the GTX 680 getting stressed to 100% at some points in ENB modded versions of the game. And it's quite funny really, because the game is more CPU dependent.:razz: These top of the line video cards should be lasting you more than 3 years without too much hassle runs games at 100%. But if you compare the 280 to current games, it gets maxed out and has quite a bit of trouble with the video memory on the card. So take this example for when you're playing GTA VI down the road and you want the game to render as much visual distance as possible. Well have fun with that because you'll get about 2-3 blocks of amazing ass textures, but then it'll be downhill from there.

    People might be saying that AMD's drivers are shit compared to Nvidia's, but this hasn't been the case for a while now. They're in the same exact boat in terms of drivers, so there's no winner here.

    Alright, so you want to buy a OC'd 680? Well go ahead and buy whatever one you want because they're all OC'd! With the card's stock clock at over 1GHz, you're going to be pretty damn close to that overclocking ceiling. As for the 7950/7970, their core clock starts out pretty low and has some great potential to overclock. My current 7950 is overclocked to over 1.25Ghz, with just a small voltage bump, and please keep in mind, I'm still RUNNING ON AIR COOLING. In some tests of overclocking these cards, the 7970 blew the 680 away getting up to 1300MHz pretty easily with the 680 struggling to keep up. If you would be kind as to look up benchmarks of stock clocked cards compared to OC'd/max OC'd cards and tell me which one is better, that'd be great. :dance: Because what you're going to get is the 680 smacking it's head on the ceiling pretty damn early with your 7970 rising without a problem.

    If that wasn't enough, maybe you should have noticed the pricing of the 680 when it came out compared to the 7970. Nvidia already had bought some 7970's to benchmark and test them against the 680's, they needed to price them lower because the outcomes they got were very depressing for them. In my words, the 680 was an unfinished card that was released too early just to keep up with AMD. Right now you can pick up a 7970 for $50 cheaper than a 680, and get better performance as well, so I don't even see a competition here. It's all laid out for you in black and white, you just have to know where to look (well in this case I laid it out for you right above).

    (This was typed very quickly so ignore any spelling/grammar mistakes I'm in a rush to pick somebody up)
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    • Apr 14, 2011
      I like both. I am Nvidia fan slightly over Rad. I like the 690 GTX, but the upcoming 695 looks badass!
    • Aug 18, 2006
      GTX 680, but if you want even better value, get a GTX 670.
    • Nov 29, 2010
      I'm gonna stop you there.

      First off. I don't know where to BEGIN about how completely OFF you are about this. (Owner of a gtx 580, stock clock 795, oc'd to 905) Nvidia frequently update their video cards to improve performance on every game on the board, every firmware update there is a patch note that says what games it's affecting, even owning a 480 keeps you future proof until next year. They didn't "Only optimize for bf3"

      I'm playing GTA IV on maxed out settings running a 580 and averaging out at 40 fps at 1080p. VRAM is something to pay attention to if you plan to be playing on 3 monitors at once. While I do admit AMD is more optimized for eye-finity, I'm inclined to disagree about your thrashings about the 680.

      They are not overclocked. Where did you pick up this bullshit? I'm sorry but all I see coming from you is shit spewing from your mouth. Please clean it up. I would really love to see citation on where you got some of these facts.

      Bam: A 680 blowing a 7970 out of the water OVERCLOCKED.

      Bam: A 680 blowing a 7970 out of the water stock clock

      Is is sad the gtx 580 is on par with the HD 7970 in terms of scoring on 3dmark?

      More charts:

      Power Consumption, 680 spends less energy overclocked.

      Did I mention the 690 is almost double the performance of the 680?

      I'm sorry to burst your bubble but, it looks like Nvidia has claimed the market in terms of horsepower for their cards this year.
      Clam Chowder, Jun 10, 2012 Last edited by Clam Chowder, Jun 10, 2012
    • Dec 6, 2011
      Whatever, what I posted is completely true, I know you like to defend your 580 but sadly the 680 is totally different. I'm done fucking arguing and I'm done will bullshit around here if nobody bothers to use my factual information. You'd be surprised at how inaccurate those pictures are. @Walmart Cashier Get a 680 I don't give a shit.
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        Brett, Jun 10, 2012 Last edited by Brett, Jun 10, 2012
      • Jan 21, 2011
        If you can't defend your points, why make them at all?

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        • Dec 6, 2011
          Because I shouldn't have to list sources every post I make. I usually post a lot about hardware, but I'm sick and tired of being challenged by somebody who's only out to disagree just for the sole purpose of disagreeing. I'm just going to keep to my Tom's Hardware forums for all of my hardware talk, because it obviously isn't welcome here.
        • Jul 1, 2010
          I'd personally like to nab a 7970. Every nVidia card I have ever owned I have had problems with and they just don't seem to perform as well in a real world setting (IE.. my computer playing the games I have :razz:). I switched over to AMD/ATI a few years ago and I don't think I will ever be going back. With new games I always hear how nVidia players are having issues with optimization and frame-rate lag, and I have yet to encounter that with AMD.
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          • Nov 29, 2010
            Tom's Hardware:

            Anyways. You cannot charge in with such a bold statement head first without having a backbone to what you say. I only disagreed because of the fact you were blatantly mudslinging at the video card with a mountain of evidence suggesting otherwise.

            I hear things about nvidia cards derping out on AMD platforms, and vice versa. Is this true?

            Whenever a new game comes out I'll occasionally have a problem, but it's usually patched out within the week or next week in the next firmware update. If it's one thing I like the most about nvidia is that they are fast with responding to their customers, rolling out a new update every time a major issue with a game arises.
          • Jul 1, 2010
            No, not true. A lot of games that actually carry an nVidia logo, the nVidia cards end up having issues while I don't on my AMD. Don't get me wrong, it's always fixed quickly, but it happens.
          • Feb 14, 2012
            I would suspect this is true of any hardware company.

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          • Nov 29, 2010
            I've always referred AMD/Radeon to be the "AK 47's" of video cards, sturdy and doesn't afraid of anything, and nvidia to be the m16, runs into issues on occasion, but fixes within a short time frame but works amazingly for what they're optimized for.
          • Jul 1, 2010
            In this instance we are talking about two hardware companies, nVidia and AMD, so the only relevance are these two.

            I would say that's a fairly good analogy, but to be fair AMD works pretty amazingly as well. I have yet to run in to a game where I couldn't crank up the settings all the way and basically play with no framerate lag.

            Ultimately they are both fantastic cards and fantastic companies, and you will probably perceive notice very little to no difference in a real-game setting unless current software surpasses the capabilities of one of them.
          • Dec 6, 2011
            I dove in head first because what I mainly deal with are people just shitting on AMD for no apparent reason. They treat the 7970 vs 680 like 6970 vs 580. People come into Tom's Hardware and don't even consider AMD.
          • May 26, 2012
            nVidia all the way, try get good value for money, 680 way too expensive. Look just a bit lower and notice the price gap. Why pay that much gap for only a few months of slight performance gain. They'll still kick the ass of whatever game tries to defy them power. Also, running the 560 Ti on AMD bulldozer FX6100, fanboy :V. Even the 560Ti does amazing :razz: Good luck

            AMD has the most problems currently, and one of their cards actually died on me when it was relatively new, as of then, switched to nVidia, no problems at all. Driver system, super easy, no crappy UI catalyst, and get BETA if standard is up to your liking for the latest game. nVidia are quick on the mark, also if corsair make gfx cards in the future get them, you can never beat corsair, ever.