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Guess the Number Competition

Discussion in Setup an Event started by EM|Ginger Gone Wild, Aug 13, 2013

  1. Feb 19, 2011
    I would like to set up a simple event. Well simple in my opinion. I will have chosen a number between 1 and 1,000,000 and the person who guesses the exact number will get free donator for 1 year. If your number is closest to the right number, you will get donator for 6 months. Either way, a person will win.

    The number will be screen shot and sent to management so they each have a copy.

    The competition will be hosted in the forums in a thread and people who have a PF account and who have played PF servers for decent amount of time will be able to guess up to five times. Their guesses cannot be changed once posted and their five guesses must be on one post. If they edit or have multiple posts, they will be automatically eliminated. I would like there to be an advert on the servers if possible to get people to participate. The people participating must not have a lot of bans. A ban here and there for mic spam fine, but a person who has been banned for racism three times will not be allowed to participate.

    If two people or maybe five people guess the same number, it will be the person who posted first that will receive the donator. Same rule applies if three people are just one away from the right number, whoever posted the closest number first will receive it.

    Things I might need help with and/or questions:

    Is the winner's reward too high?

    Will need help with advertisement on the servers to get people participating

    I do not know if current donators should participate. When their donor ends, is that when they get their free donor?

    I would like it to run for 24 hours or maybe longer, but the specific date is not currently known for me. I would like it to fall on a Friday or Saturday, but I work nights on those days and I also work on Sunday night too, so it might be hard to get the results right after the competition ends.

    Any advice? :angel:


    The Competition will be on the ZM server.

    The score you receive at the end of the map will be the number of guesses you are allowed to use. If you happen to get a score of 0 or less, you will be allowed to guess 1 time.

    After the map ends, you will have 24 hours to to guess.

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      EM|Ginger Gone Wild, Aug 13, 2013 Last edited by EM|Ginger Gone Wild, Aug 14, 2013
    • Apr 4, 2009
      An idea that's been used in the past for events is setting the amount of guesses based on their score in game for a map(s). That's if you want it to have an in-game aspect that would surely help the community.

      Rewards are based on what you want to do, all people are doing is playing or guessing, what ever they get out of it is enough.
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      • Aug 12, 2012
        1. It's up to you since it your event, but 1 year donator will get a lot of people wanting to join the event

        2. I can help you with it if the events come through and the higher ups are okay with it

        3. I guess, just be sure to keep in contact with them
      • Mar 12, 2008
        I'd laugh my dick off if the number is 1.
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        • Feb 19, 2011
          Scrap my forum only idea. You are right, it should involve the servers. Thinking it over, I was thinking we have it on ZM. I was thinking one of the Lila_panic maps. I can't remember what it is called. It is the one where there are all of those buildings on the ground level. It is one of m favorite maps. :grin:, but I would like to know what other maps are good for comps like this.

          Same rules apply on how someone wins if they guess it correctly or if they come close. We can set the map for 30 minutes or so, maybe more and when the round ends, the scores will be the number of guesses they have. If anyone has to leave, their score will be saved. If your score at the end of the map is 0 or less, you will only be allowed to guess once.

          After the map ends, Players will have 24 hours to guess

          I do have one question,how can we track each player's score if you can't see everyone score when you click tab?

          Thanks for wanting to help! I am too hoping that the 1 year donator will get a lot of people to want to participate.
          EM|Ginger Gone Wild, Aug 14, 2013 Last edited by EM|Ginger Gone Wild, Aug 14, 2013
        • Oct 13, 2011
          1 year donator sounds good but what if a donator or an admin wins the event ?
        • Feb 19, 2011
          In past events, I have seen the rules state that "server admins and donors are not allowed to participate but are allowed to play along". I don't think it would be fair if a server admin won, and I am not sure if current donors should participate.
        • Mar 14, 2013
          I think you should allow admins and donators to win only so they can give it away to someone else.

          After all sharing is careing <3
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          • Feb 27, 2012
            Be careful of the map you pick too, because some of them have points secrets. For example, from my map zm_theedge:

            I would now have 1999 guesses for your competition. Not good :S
            Other maps that have point secrets, that i can remember off the top of my head are:

            So you might not want to do the competition on those maps, since they can add anywhere from 10-2000 points, depending on which map it is.
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            • Feb 19, 2011
              With my schedule the way it is right now, I might want to hold this competition off for right now so I can have more time to plan this whole competition out better.

              Thanks for your guys inputs. :smile:
            • Mar 12, 2008

              It was based off a 100 points per guess basis or something like that, so that would warrant you 19 guesses (this was for ZE). But yeah maps with those secrets are kinda cheap, especially when everyone else will be trying to fight zombies off while a few try for the secrets.

              I'd say maps should be planned ahead of time so there won't be any cheap tricks, and to keep it fair.
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              • Oct 13, 2011
                I hate to say that but I agree with CIA. If an admin or a donor wins can they gift it ?