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Guest Pass: Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad - GOTY

Discussion in The No Count Section started by Spoka, Jul 20, 2012

  1. Jun 20, 2012
    I have 3 ^^ passes You have 3 chances to win one.
    (1).Guess my Fav Color
    (2).Pick the right number between 1-20
    (3).Make a short story of how great I am.

    This ends in 24 hours ready set GO!!!
  2. Feb 12, 2012
    Ur sexy. The end.
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    • May 5, 2011
      Spoka once spoka a legend about spoka and how great he is.
      Hevn, Jul 20, 2012 Last edited by Si˚, Jul 20, 2012
    • Jun 23, 2011
      You have a army of ants that follow your command since you are so great
    • Nov 11, 2011
    • Jun 20, 2012
      Sajak you forgot the other 2.
      Post Merged, Jul 20, 2012
      We Have 1 out of 3 winners!!!
      And his/her names is:Si[pF] Add me on steam so I can send it to you.
      Post Merged, Jul 20, 2012
      I am thinking of a New Number and my second fav color.
    • May 5, 2011
    • Apr 27, 2012
      One day Spoka walked out in the woods then he got raped.....on facebook that is so he got out his phone and he commented on the status (because his friend wrote the status) and said he didnt write it and he said i got fraped! Then some unknown person commented on your fraped status and said its amazing you have internet conection in the woods hehehe!
    • May 14, 2011
      I will spread the legend of the Spoka throughout the interwebs. D:
    • Jul 14, 2012


      :There is an old tale about a young man named 'Spoka'. A long long time ago this young man was raised upon a farm in the Nordic Era. Whilst he was praised by many, and hated by few he still sought out adventure and journeys that would only bring him higher in glory. Spoka was a very honest, and courageous man. He was so brilliant that his name has lived on forever! However, not only the name of this great Nordic man has lived on, but his adventures and journeys through multiple depths of betrayal, hatred, and knowledge. There once was a journey in specific that was spoken upon. A journey that no man would ever cross again. The journey of the six headed squirrel!

      After years of philosophies and conspiracies of this journey, Spoka took it upon himself to 'venture out unto the wilderness! He brought only with him his almighty Sword & Shield! Everyone mocked him as crazy, and daring. Tho he knew exactly what he was getting himself into. After days of traveling in the mists of a huge snowy landscape, he stumbled upon a cave with an entrance only to fit a 6 headed squirrel. He was sure this was it, and so forth he drawn his sword and shield and approached the entrance! Unexpectedly tho, he was greeted at the gate by the one and only 6 headed squirrel! He was shocked to see such a creature of such magnificence be so polite! "I have come to slay you! You beast!" said Spoka. However, the beast was not even flinched by this remark. "Me? For I am the beast? You travel from from the depths of your homeland in search of an creature to slay for your own honor? How does one call ME the beast!" the beast replied. As a loud breeze swoops nearby shivering both of them "I have heard of your tricks of trade you runt! I know what you are trying to pull here!" says Spoka. However, Spoka was certainly shocked at how much gratitude this 'beast' was showing. "Please please, come inside! It seems it is to cold for us to be out here! We can discuss this inside." he replied. At this moment Spoka was overwhelmed with confusion. He finally began to seek out the reason he came to defeat this 'beast', but to only find there was none but for his own selfish title.

      As they both enter the door, the door quickly slams behind Spoka, leaving him completely defenseless from a retreat. "Aha! I have you know" says the squirrel, "I can finally have a tea party with someone!". As Spoka slightly glares to the left of him, he notices a small tea table being revealed behind fog. "What kind of act is this! Explain!" says Spoka. "Nah-Ah-Ah, not until you sit at me table first!" says the Noble Squirrel. Spoka then gently and carefully takes a seat at the table, holstering his sword, and dropping his shield.

      "Well you see, stranger, it all started a long time ago" the Noble Squirrel says, "When I was just a little squirrel, me and my parents were out hunting for food, living in the north as you know is rich with livestock. While we were hunting, and minding our own matters. A tall, brave, and spontaneous Nord came of the south. He was charging at us very alarmingly! At the time little did we realize we were prey. Quickly my parents told me to hide, and to let them take care of him. You see, it is a tradition and a given responsibility in our species to let the older protect the younger. When the Nord finally approached us, it was obvious we were his prey. After countless hours of battling carefully and skillfully, the battle ended. It was tragic to see both my parents lying there, dead. With so much anger built up from watching such a ravage and disgusting creature do such a thing, I charged at him!" Says the Squirrel as he makes an aggressive lunge forward to illustrate his anger, "I manage to attack him by surprise, I knew this at the time so I managed to get a few attack on him.

      After carefully maneuvering around his attacks that would be very devastating if they hit me. I managed to slay him, only out of pure luck! How it happened was when I dodge one of his attacks, he struck the grown with such power that it collapsed into a cave. I quickly chased him down and bit his lower face region while he was laying there paralyzed by the fall. I was shocked however, after looking up the hole to only see 3 men wearing green watching me hover the body of the dead Nord. I wasn't going to bother killing them, as they were rather innocent, and messengers. I quickly jumped out of the hole to quickly accompany my elders. As I slowly trudged toward my parents, I notice my male elder slightly, or you would call parent, slightly moving. I quickly hopped over to him, giving him my regards of killing the man who killed him. The look in his eyes was so graceful, you could tell he was very proud of me. A tear struck both of our eyes as I lied net to him. I felt the warmth of his body slowly fading away, I new this was going to be the end of there hunt. After hours of mourning I did a very small ritual over their bodies and walked away. It was one of the most tragic days I have ever experienced." finished the Squirrel.

      "The man who killed you parents is named "Vigannurr". He was my Grandpa. I am deeply sorry for the grief I have put over your family, and I will take all responsibility for it. I'm going to head out before it is too dark. I will ensure you that nothing like this will ever happen again. I will ensure safety for you species now. Thank you for sharing such a story, you have really enlightened me. I have seen that I should not be so selfish and driven on my own image, because others have the same mind as me. I hope we can speak in the near future." Says Spoka as he slowly stands up, picking up his shield with him. As Spoka slowly walks to the door, the squirrel leads him out. Spoka turns around, giving the squirrel a respectful head nod, before he shuts the door, the squirrel quickly screams "Wait!". Spoka quickly turns around at his notice, curious of his response. "Take this, it will be much more settle on your village" says the Squirrel as he hands Spoka a skull of a 6 headed Squirrel. Spoka replies "Thank you, I assume this is-.." the squirrel quickly interrupts, "Yes, I would rather have it out of my eyes so I do not dwell in the past no more". Spoka begins to walk into the distance, leaving with only a few settle words. "I understand".

      After such time of journeying in the snowy landscape, he arrives at his village. He was welcomed by many villagers, praising him and glorifying him at the sight of the skull. Quickly he yelled upon his village, asking everyone to gather up upon the town campfire. As every settled, he cleared his throat and began to speak words that you could say stood in the heads of the villagers for the rest of there life. "Here my out, fellow men and women of my village. We are no longer the men we once were! I have traveled to the depths of the worst places ever known, to only be greeted by some of the worst beasts ever known. However! Who are we to be such animals? Who are we to be such ravaging beasts? What makes us different from the beasts that once burned our village down? Nothing! that is! From now on, you will be banned from my village if you are to bring any beast dead into this village. You can continue your hunt for herds of animals at which we feast on. However, no man should lay a hand on any species unless I personally have approved of it. That is all" Spoka shouted. The villagers were amazed and confused at what he said, however, his words must have stuck.

      After many years have passed, Spoka had never returned to adventuring. He began to do community work for his village, helping young ones learn how to fight, and to survive. The village was everlastingly changed at the time of that speech. He oftenly speaks to the Squirrel which opened his eyes for himself and the village. The End.

      I couldn't right much more due to it not letting me for some reason, so I ended it there. I hope I nailed the other two questions. PS: Not even going to try to re-read for grammar errors. Also, this is considered a short story if you were to relate to a book with a lot of series.
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        Karpo, Jul 21, 2012 Last edited by Karpo, Jul 21, 2012
      • Apr 18, 2012
        Well I also had Red Orchestra 2 passes. Meh, didn't know people wanted them.
      • Jan 12, 2012
        For the simple fact karpo did a fucking vladeon he deserves something and I'll just give up and retire. No point fucking with that.
      • Jul 18, 2012
        Ill donate my 3 guest passes if you want to add them @Spoka?
      • Jun 20, 2012
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        • Jul 18, 2012
          Well i just looked and all my shit on steam is missing.. QQ.
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