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Half Life Resistance

Discussion in Creativity started by KILLERSandCOMPANY, Feb 4, 2014

  1. Sep 9, 2012
    So in about six months I plan on doing a bunch of half life live action videos, I have about 5 actors that will be playing a group of resistance fighters that go on a journey throughout the outskirts of city 17 and ambush/sabotage the combine any chance they get!

    I would like to hear any ideas you guys might have for this series (short or long) that might help me improve the script i'm writing for it.

    here is some of the music i'll be using, i'm not very good at making music so i'v been splitting together royalty free music packs i have to put these tracks together.

    also here is a very quick matte pairing video i did, the tracking sucks but it was thrown together in about 15 min :wink:
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