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Happy Thanksgiving!

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Orange, Nov 27, 2013

  1. Feb 8, 2013
    Hello! So Thanksgiving is about to approach us and this holiday is probably one of the greatest, and filled with thanks to give. Thanksgiving, to me, is all about giving thanks to the people who cared for you, in another words, the expression of gratitude. This threads main purpose is to hopefully motivate some of ya'll to do something nice for others, it can be anything, just as simple as giving a homeless person some food or water, and also being able to give thanks to your peers in this community.

    There are many people I want to thank in this community for being or have been really helpful and a really great friend. Some are them are @Vicarious, @Lystina, @Tony the Tiger!! :D, @Aprz, @Joshy, @Jed, @errl and EVEN @Kyle! There are many more I would like to give thanks to, but do not have the time to list everyone. Most from the Management and LSA team are also included.

    Second of all, I've placed $10 on my desk, away from my wallet. As I've spoken a little about the gift of kindness above, I just want to give back and not look forward to receive anything in return. Something I've thought about would be buying a homeless person a meal so they can also enjoy Thanksgiving. The purpose of me attaching this to this thread is not because I want to be seen as a "nice" person or gain any popularity. It is because I feel it's the right thing to do, just a simple act of kindness. I know I won't be able to help the whole world, nor am I even possibly able to change it by a littlest, but I believe my action will restore faith in humanity in myself, which is what I'm hoping for this Thanksgiving. Finally, my wish is that after taking your time to read this, you are able do the perform a simple act of kindness. That's about everything I wanted to say. Thanks!


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    • Feb 2, 2013
      Wow, Orange. I really enjoyed reading that, thanks. Although I celebrated Thanksgiving day last month, happy early Thanksgiving.

      We don't talk as much anymore but you're a really good friend. You really have a special place in my heart. You have helped me with a lot and you were always there to support me. Thank you!

      Wishing you a happy holiday season.

      I love you, Orange! :heart::cute:

      P.S. Message me more often on Steam, FB, etc. I would love to talk. c:
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      • Aug 20, 2011
        What is LOVE. *Sings* :cool: That's sweet of you Orange, I hope you all enjoy your Thanks Giving, Remember not to let the turkey burn!!!
      • Feb 27, 2012
        That's very sweet and nice of you Orange.

        Happy Thanks Giving to all of you in Americaville, and hope it's awesome for you :grin:
      • May 31, 2012
        Thanks Orange! Happy Thanksgiving to yourself and the rest of the team :smile: cheers
      • Feb 3, 2012
        Thanks Orange! I wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving.
      • Dec 27, 2012
        Very sweet of you Orange, what you just wrote is an act that outclasses even the best of kindness. Giving homeless people such money is worth more than we could ever imagine, I cannot imagine myself as I haven't been in their place myself. I wouldn't have given this a thought if not for you Orange, but I shall also donate some money for the sake of people in better need than me.

        Almost forgot, thanks for the shout-out.:smile:

        Happy thanksgiving y'all.
      • Jun 11, 2012
        I like clementines, so you like close to that citrus family, so you kewl brah!
      • Nov 28, 2013
        Happy Thanksgiving to you all. My day hasn't started yet. Around 11 Eastern Time. Soon I will gain 3 pounds and lose it all in like 6 hours .... xD
      • May 5, 2013
        Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Remember to eat a lot of food and try to burn it on black Friday like me! :dance:
      • Jul 1, 2010
        Happy Thanksgiving!
      • Apr 24, 2012
        Happy Thanksgiving Everyone :eat:
      • Apr 9, 2007
        Happy American Thanksgiving (and subsequently Black Friday).