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Harder config for ze_shroomforest_v2?

Discussion in CS:S Zombie Escape started by ColdZero, Apr 15, 2013

  1. Jul 17, 2012
    I find the map ze_shroomforest_v2 pretty boring due it's too human sided and zombies have only a few spawn point's. Also there is no zombie teleport or something similar at all.

    I would suggest to give the zombies some advantages to make the map a bit more harder.

    My ideas:
    - more zombies on first infection
    - more hp for zombies
    - faster first infection

    Don't know the exact ZR commands.

    Just some suggestions, share your thoughts :smile:
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    • May 18, 2012
      That map would be too hard then, people find it too derp to actually defend and play it serious.
      But I can agree with you that the map would be more fun, first levels are ridiculous right now.
    • Jun 18, 2012
      I think you're best of contacting the mapper of Shroomforest rather than putting your ideas on here. I doubt there's anyone who is going to change someones map as long as he's still contactable.

      It's almost like mappers have some secret bond so their hard work doesn't get changed by the first person to dislike it.:secret:

      EDIT: WOOPS I'm stupid, these solutions were server wise rather than map wise. I vote random zombie spawn like back in the days!
    • Apr 12, 2012
      Only for a few weeks though. After that, people would adjust.
    • Apr 1, 2012
      personally, I'd rather ask the mapper first (TaskuVaras) to make it less human-sided (by adding teleports and zm hp setting etc etc)
      however, in case he can't be contacted or does not want to update the map, then we can do something about it.

      perhaps like AvP map, you can have few zombies spawn among the humans, though the narrower pathways (compared to AvP's beginning) might yield problems..
    • Apr 12, 2012
      Haha that would be hilarious!

      Unfortunately, I think you're right, its just too narrow, and there would be too many rounds of 30 seconds or less.

      What it needs is a second path to get to the first hold point!
    • Mar 20, 2012
      the mapper wanted a super easy boring map (and still some servers fail at it). Im not sure if more zombies will be more difficult, the map is just easydesigned that it doesnt matter if there are some more. And I think some players want just that a chill map where u just run and talk and dance.
    • Apr 12, 2012
      That describes 75% of the maps on the server, lol. We need more hard maps.

      edit: swear to God, if I ever actually finish my map (if work stops kicking my ass) it will be hard enough pf wont beat the first difficulty half the time, and GFL maybe will on 1 of 10 map rotations haha.
    • Mar 30, 2013
      The level 2 is too hard because we lose 3/4 of the team at the laser. They dont understand that if they don't jump, they are dead :razz: so after we need to cover against 20 zombies with one or two materias. Very hard (except with grav and wind).
    • Feb 12, 2012

      Back to the topic...
      I agree it must be a bit harder. Almost every time we playing it we winning the 1st round. I... I... I don't know, it's just wrong. It's not pF style.
    • Apr 12, 2012
      Level 2 isnt hard at all. If you jump all the lazers, zombies have no chance to catch you. Level FIVE though, I agree with you.
    • Jan 11, 2011
      I mentioned this lots of times; but difficulty problems on pF, when it comes to a map being too easy for humans; is because of pF settings.

      Zombies have low HP on the server, all of them could easily have their HP values doubled without it becoming too high. pF has ridiculous low life for zombies, at least for Zombie ESCAPE. I don't know if you are using the same settings that you use in ZM, but if thats the case, thats the problem. ZE is not about killing zombies, they shouldn't be so easy to kill. Most of the maps (the old school ones) don't have Teleporters at all, which means a dead zombie is dead for the rest of the round (he respawns so far behind that he is completely out of the picture). pF relays too much on "Our zombies respawn, so its okay to kill them", but this leaves any map without tons of teleports as heavily human-sided, and can be seen/noticed in every old-school map played on pF (some with +95% Human Win Ratio)...

      Also, maps that DO have the Teleports to allow AFKers and Late-Joiners (and respawners) to get into the action, are usually the newest map, and most of them (like Mako, Paranoid, Predator and Hypernova) have triggers that give the zombies HP values of 7.500-15.000 (50.000+ in some cases where zombies are supposed to become unkillable, like Mako Extreme or Paranoid Immortal Zombies Trigger). You ever thought "Those zombies have too much HP" while playing Predator, Mako or Hypernova? I don't think so; and thats because you are suposed to hold them back, not kill them, and thats what you do.
      I already posted this mayn times; even once I made a new thread about the subject, and lots of people seemed to agreed, and then the thread just got forgotten and nothing changed. Also, a second problem are the grenades, that are, compared to most servers, 500% Human-Sided. They have zero-knockback (so no Fail-Factor), the hugest area I have seen (seriously, you get ignited by grenades "miles" away) and the longest duration of all the servers I with a ridiculous 7 full seconds duration; while on most they have 1-3 seconds. If you add up that pF is a big server (lots of players) and that grenades don't get diminishing returns of any kind, you end up having 30 humans (or 50+), with no fail-factor nades, that have a huge blast radius, burning all the zombies trying to get to the humans... 30 humans on themselves can ignite non-stop the zombies for 3.5 minutes non stop... And let me remind you that pF zombies aren't faster than humans unless the map is forcing that (Junon will).

      So, I already said so, but: Buff Zombie HP to at least double; probably increase regen by a lot (once again I'm not sure of the regen numbers; I think those got buffed at some point) and seriously, reduce the grenade ignite time already... At least to 5 seconds... And if possible reduce that increased blast radius and/or increase the zombie speed to at least 105-110%.

      TL;DR: Problem is not so many maps being easy, but pF having easy settings (Half-Zombie apart). Reduce grenade ignite and buff zombie HP to double. Respawning zombies doesn't mean shit when most maps (aka, non-new ones) don't have shortcuts nor teleports that allow them to get back into the action; and having more HP doesn't increase the difficulty on the maps that DO have those teleports and shorcuts, since diying zombies just come back like 3 secs later on those maps, and killing them has no effect; while killing them on maps lacking the teleports, just ruins the maps' fun and balance.
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