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Hello everyone (after almost 1 year with u xD)

Discussion in Introductions started by ŽΣŁ | Hallucinogenic Troll, Sep 11, 2013

  1. Feb 8, 2013
    Hello everyone, after almost 1 year posting here, and I didnt introduce myself.

    My name is Luis Miguel de Teles Pinto Rei, but known as Hallucinogenic Troll, and I have 15 years old (16 in October 8th), and my hobbies are sleeping (a lot), have fun with my friends, playing computer and playing football (soccer in USA), handball, voleyball and tennis (little).

    I live in a beautiful country named Portugal, when I grow up until 10, and back there when I had 14 (spend 4 years in USA).

    I like to play ALL the zombie escape maps, but my favourites are absolutely:
    • Paranoid;
    • Westersand;
    • Predator;
    • Ports Royal;
    • All the LOTR maps;
    • Skyrim;
    • Bisounours;
    Some of you know me what I did in pF forum in this year, mostly posting about my map: ze_Pokemon_Kanto
    Im an CS:Source and CS:GO Mapper, and if you have questions, you can call me too.
    Believe or not, Rei means KING, soo im the king of pF (joking :grin:).
    Have fun,
    Hallucinogenic Troll.
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    • Mar 7, 2012
      Welcome and Hi Hallucinogenic Troll, I did this too also I didn't introduce myself to Plaguefest community and the forum. It's like a year passed to introduce myself. By the way, is there a nickname for me to call you? Because you have a long name. xD
    • Feb 8, 2013
      Welcome Hallucinogenic Troll
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      • Apr 12, 2012
        Cool name :thumbsup:

        Also, (off topic) whats with port royal? Whys pf playing it so much lately? New version?
      • Aug 12, 2012
        Welcome, haven't seen you around so cya in ZE one day
      • Mar 30, 2013
        Haha, you used my introduction to make yours :wink:, anyway welcome my friends
      • Dec 27, 2012
        I was waiting for it. Haha, welcome and hope you still like it here as much as when you first joined.
      • Apr 1, 2012
        "I have 15 years old"

        boss fights, materias, levels, little human-to-zombie interaction, 50,000 hp zombies, dodging stuff that a stationary NPC "boss" throws at you for the final ending.

        sounds familiar?
      • Jul 8, 2012
      • Feb 11, 2012
        Wrong!, it's most likely due to the contest for the map.

        And welcome to the forums Hallucinogenic Troll, even though you have been here for a while now lol.
      • Sep 17, 2013
        Sup bro.