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Discussion in The No Count Section started by d0pe, Nov 12, 2012

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  1. Nov 12, 2012
    Hey guys,

    Dopescope here with some stuff. I didn't bother using my previous account cuz i figured that it was banned already. Anyhow, how are you guys doing? I am actually look forward to hearing some of your replies. If any of you are interested, im currently a senior and well college apps arn't exactly what you want to do.... A bit stressed about this stuff too. My stats are currently way above the VTech standards, however, they are still below what UVA typically accepts. UVA typically accepts around 4.3 average gpa and mine is a 3.9 T.T FUCK HOMEWORK. My SAT score is a 2150 which is like 100 points higher than that of UVA. You would think that would balance things out, but schools are starting to weight GPA more than SATs. That's bullshit. fuck the people that spend hours studying, but in reality aren't even talented.

    Well thats that for school. I also got a job. Im not particularly fond of being of cashier, but everyone has to start somewhere i guess....... speaking of work, i have a HUUUGE crush on one of my managers. she's finishing her LAST YEAR IN COLLEGE. weird huh? i guesstimate that she's like 4-5 years older than me. She's also white while im asian. Yea, by now you're probably like "wtf is this (the one word that everyone gets banned for) thinking?" IDK guys.... im just attracted to her. She's not the most beautiful woman ive ever seen, its just a strange vibe that really really attracts me. I guess you could say we're friends, its just i don't have her number yet. Trying to find that right moment to say something that along the lines of "i gotta go, lets just finish this over text" If you guys have any advice please post. I will be checking back to see replies as long as i don't somehow get ip banned from this site too >.>

    Now to CSS. I don't get as much joy playing ze as i use to. I still play on your ze server, but that occurs maybe at most once every 2 weeks. Haven't played minas on your server since i was.... u know what =). Wait no, actually i have. once. wasn't great though, i think we got stuck on stage 4 with someone solo winning stage 3. i actually don't have much to say since i don't play that much on your servers. haven't played that ffvii westersand or the super smash bros map. Only new map i played was skyrim and well i only played like stage 1 haha. i spend most of my css time on xG jailbreak server. Jb is a very very very unique mode. probably one of the most fun as long as there are professional jb admins that constantly monitor the server. I know this will NEVER happen on pf. you will have the best chance of catching me playing css on xg jb server.

    well thats it. i don't have much more to say.

    @null you NEVER cease to amaze me..... a virtual god for sure. fuck Sparc Mac up haha
    @the people who don't blow my cover, you know i love you when i add you on like 5 accs =).
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    • Jun 15, 2012
      LOL dope fuuny thing with that manager situation i had smth similar at my first job. neways ze is lamer w/o u n jackson
    • Mar 12, 2008
      well considering that your other account is NOT banned, and you made a secondary account to post this, looks like it WILL be banned now.
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