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Help with amplifier (Shutdown after new reparation...?)

Discussion in Hardware Hangout started by JorisCeoen, Aug 30, 2014

  1. Apr 9, 2012
    So I have a personal HiFi system on my chamber with some fancy discolighting and it recently underwent reparation for what seemed to be a burnt or broken transistor (my father went to the shop so I couldn't really guess what the main problem was).

    Now I have a relatively small chamber, and it has 2 big disco lamps that send off a lot of heat while being enabled. Also my system consists of the amplifier, CD player and recorder.

    I was playing music on a medium volume that has nothing dangerous or something to the amplifier and it went on for about 3 houres. Then after dinner I proceeded to play a concert of Pink Floyd and naturally I put up the volume a bit higher. It was now on standard-high which was never ever a problem.

    On the finale of the concert there is a giant final cadenza (P.U.L.S.E. - Run Like Hell from Pink Floyd for those interested) and I turned up the volume just slightly higher. I was kind of testing to where my amplifier could go. I turned it up to what I always considered the maximum volume which was 4 bars out of the 6 that are available. I would consider it being about 75-80dB. Then, in the middle of the climax it just shut down, boom nothing anymore.

    I wondered now, was it really because I put it too loud? It was not really HOT or something, but it was pretty warm. I could keep my hands on the amplifier without getting burned or something, so I have a hard time believing it would be that.

    So yea, I wondered, would it be because of the lights and the amplifier together? Or just bad cooling of the amplifier? I tried setting it on on a lower volume, but it won't produce sound anymore.

    It's an Akai amplifier that supports 4 speakers. I have 2 main big speakers (on the A channel) and 2 smaller speakers (on the B channel). I use all 4 together. Could that perhaps be the issue? Or simply not enough power for the amp.

    I'm kind of lost, but I haven't enough knowledge to correctly judge the possibilities of what might cause my amp to go down like that. Anyone got a good knowledge about stuff like this?
  2. Jan 21, 2011
    The lights shouldn't effect the amplifier shutting down. The only thing that would cause the amp to shut down would be it overheating. While it may not feel got where you touch it, the great sensor could be very hot. Depends on where it is.