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Helping family out! :) youtube and dancing related

Discussion in Entertainment started by Chainedlord, Jun 12, 2013

  1. Aug 17, 2012
    Trying to help my cousin who lives in Austraila work towards a goal of being able to work with a dance company called World of Dance. He and his dance crew participate in events to raise money for charity. They are also participating in the 21 Days Challenge.

    If you do have some interest in that organization you can always donate directly to them on their webpage. You can also donate through Team Melbourne, my cousins dance crew, which I'll link at the bottom of the thread if need be.

    Their most recent video is basically displaying how much they love dancing and love having fun while dancing.

    Personally I enjoy this video the most, the editing and the dancing were really impressive to me.

    Now that you've checked out some of his videos, it would be greatly appreciated if you could subscribe to his channel. World of Dance have given him guidelines of 1000 subscribers and atleast 1000 views on each of his video which he hopes to truly meet. So every view counts even if you aren't into dancing :smile:. The subscriptions would really mean a lot to him as hes expressed his thanks numerous number of times already towards me, just by my mentioning that I'd help him out in anyway possible.

    Don't forget to share and like if possible. ^_^

    Subscribe to his main channel here


    Subscribe to his teams channel here


    If you'd like to donate to the 21 Day Challenge via Team Melbourne, here is the link
    Team Melbourne

    Thank you guys again for all the support.