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Hey all

Discussion in The No Count Section started by Purpzz, May 5, 2012

  1. Dec 3, 2011
    Just want to clear something up since i get the 'You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action.' on the thread about what happend with me on SG.

    Quite simple and easy to tell. There is a guy called ""afamad 2.1"" and he can troll every single day on the SG servers (even admitting it when admins are on there) he dont get banned. Although he is breaking some major rules.
    Yesterday it went TO far in the chat, said things that should not be said (i dont go say i am an angle because i know i said stuff to many). But i wanted to point them out of the fact they dont ban afamad but yet they ban others for the most stupid reasons in the world.. that doesnt make sence..

    Now i told them the truth after 2 months playing there, i had really enough from that guy so i went in the fight with them, i dont mind they banned me for saying the truth about them. It more made me realize they are not the good people to have around, if they go ban me for things that just been said (never done what i said btw) and yet leave a troll playing when they know he is a troll doesnt make any sence, so basicly now we say how they are. Trolls are allowed but when you tell them the truth WOW watch out for a ban!

    I know they have logged it and that i said things that not had to been said (like ddossing) but hey, you guys really think i go ddoss a server? Like i have nothing else better to do comon, i just wanted to go that way now to see how they would respond, and my thoughts were right, Afamad is already been reported countless times yet he can still play, but tell them once the truth and u are getting the banhammer. This is just not right and that means he has to be special ranked or something so he only is allowed to troll around. I know you can troll for one or two times for fun, but hey if he does it like every time he joins the server, then i have also enough of it.
    I dont mind if u look at me with with a bad mind, but no worry, i wont be fucking up here or whatever. I just told them how i see it and i have like 20+ people agree with me that i said the truth about him and he should deserve a ban.
    Anyway, just wanted to clear this up, you can leave a comment about what you think but keep it friendly, i stay friendly to.

    Also about the ban here guys, i dont going to edit my map for getting admin -> that was a joke lol cant we have no more fun :S

  2. Jun 17, 2011
    From what I know afamad was actually banned from the SG servers, so far not the forums.

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    Celexie, May 5, 2012 Last edited by Celexie, May 6, 2012