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Hey Everyone

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Rico Suavé, Nov 24, 2015

  1. Dec 19, 2008
    Well it seems there are a ton of new members on PlagueFest! That is great. I miss playing games with all of you! Soon hopefully I can start playing again. Been so busy but I was sent to Italy and here's a picture of the beautiful mountains. I see them right out my dorms. IMG_20151122_160844
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    • Jan 25, 2014
      You can send me to Italy if you want. I would even throw in leaving PF so you wouldn't enjoy me being around anymore
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      • Dec 27, 2012
        Heyo oldtimer!:wave:
      • Apr 26, 2015
        Thats a name I haven't seen in a couple years.