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Returning Heyo

Discussion in Admin Subscriptions started by Kloud, Nov 29, 2013

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  1. Apr 3, 2013
    In-Game Name: Kloud
    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:39827588
    Gifted by: Lystina

    SourceBans Account: Kloud
    Previous Admin Level: 1
    Last Promotion Thread (if 2+): Not sure..

    Re-Training: No, thanks
    Previous Subscription Expiration: 23/9
    Post Merged, Nov 29, 2013
    Woops, i put it in as new, sorry Brian.
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    • Feb 2, 2013
      Welcome back to the SA team, Kloudykinz. :cute:
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      • Oct 18, 2012
        NO GTFO
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        • Jul 14, 2010
          Welcome back! Your sourcebans account is active :thumbsup:
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