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Hip-Hop/Rap Music General

Discussion in Music started by Anathema, Aug 19, 2014

  1. Feb 18, 2011
    The thread makes it easier to share and discover hip-hop/rap artists, old or new. Please read the bullet points so bullshit stays at a minimum:
    • Did you just hear a cool song and you want to share it? Then gtfo and post it in Your Song of The Day.
    • Hip-Hop/Rap are very broad genres, so go ape shit and pick whatever sub-genre gets you hard be it gangster, hipster, freestyle, psychedelic, trap, electronic, country, Christian, or all of the above.
    • 1 artist/group per post. Describe why you like the artist using AT LEAST 2 SENTENCES (i.e. how they came to be, flow, lyrical meaning, musical talent, whatever side you think you rep, etc.).
    • If you want to respond to someone's description go ahead. Just don't start any flamewar bullshit or I will come find you.
    • You can post 3 SONGS MAXIMUM songs from the artist/group. They can put your explanation in perspective, or maybe they're your favorites, or anything else fuck you.
    • DON'T BE THE PRICK THAT makes 9 posts in a row, derails the thread, or fails to post 2 or more sentences, or I will definitely fuck you up.
    • Just because someone else posted an artist/group before you doesn't mean they're off limits. Just make sure you write your own description, it doesn't even take that long.
    ---Use this template when sharing your artist.---
    Name Of Artist:
    Why I'm A Fan:
    1-3 Songs To Share:
    Enough of the boring shit, shall we begin?
    Name Of Artist:
    Freddie Gibbs, posing likeaboss in the picture below.

    Why I'm A Fan:
    Most rappers glamorize thuggin because they thought it was cool. Freddie Gibbs was born into the game and didn't have a choice because he was born and raised in the derelict land of Gary, Indiana. It was once a thriving industrial city that peaked at 178,320 people in 1960 but because of skyrocketing crime and a recession the population trickled down to 80,294 in 2010. Gary shares a border with the south side of Chicago, so it shouldn't shock you that they share the same vast gang networks responsible for killing people almost daily. His style reminds me of Tupac, except Gibbs continues to sharpen his skills because bullets didn't stop his career when he was 25. Gibbs uses tone and delivery to tell stories about what it's like to live in a city that runs on crime. A city with negative economic and population growth similar to Detroit's and an accelerating gang violence problem paralleling Chicago, Gary is quite literally a thug's playground. I couldn't imagine such a place being able to exist in America let alone live there. An upbringing like that must've given Gibbs an endless pit of stories to tell.
    Click here to read Freddie Gibbs interview with VICE.

    3 Songs To Share:
    Song: The Hard/Album: Baby Face Killa
    This song tells a crazy story about someone from Gibbs crew who turned a snitch. Gibbs took care of him by having him chopped the fuck up. Later Gibbs got caught up by the DEA for pushing, then they sent him packing on a federal vacation.

    Song: BFK/Album: Baby Face Killa
    Gibbs filmed BFK in Gary with his massive crew to deliver a message that in a place like that you ride for survival, not because you think you're the next Al Capone. He ended up getting a cop in trouble for being in the video.

    Song: Thuggin'/Album: Piñata
    In Thuggin' he describes his daily routine which is pretty much hitting as many licks as possible from sunup to sundown.
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      Anathema, Aug 19, 2014 Last edited by Anathema, Aug 20, 2014
    • Feb 21, 2007
      Always been a fan of DMX since the early days. I'd love it if he came out with more, or if I found another rapper whose songs were like his. He's also got a bibliography out about him, pretty interesting read.
    • Jul 9, 2013
      Name Of Artist:
      Push aka Shawn Cayce

      Why I'm A Fan:
      I have watched him grow from a young boy to the young man he is, he is my friend and he is following his dream instead of doing what his parents wanted him to do defying the odds and the cultural boundaries placed upon him by society. He is still working on his craft but he is getting there slowly every year becoming better at it. His lyrics he pulls from his real life and his situations that he went through growing up as a Punjabi American that wanted to do something different then following a strict path. He has dropped alot of mix taps he usually does covers he is working on making his own beats and rapping on them.

      1-3 Songs To Share:
      Song: Jay -Z ft. Rick Ross - Fuck with me You know I got it - Cover

      via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PXRwmGWupI&list=PLF5BFC52755C3EF5C

      Song: Kendrick Lamar - Swimming - Cover

      via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0F1a0pr1Ys&index=16&list=PLF5BFC52755C3EF5C

      Song: Wale ft. Sam Dew - Love Hate Thing - Cover

      via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vws3WgRIgjU&list=PLF5BFC52755C3EF5C
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      • Jun 11, 2012
        Just a preface, ur artist choice is terrible benny hanna. Generic as fawk and not even the genre.
        Name Of Artist:
        People Under The Stairs
        First pic is from late 90's and second one is 2013.
        [IMG] [IMG]
        Why I'm A Fan:
        Ever since I heard O.S.T late high school, I fell in love with People Under The Stairs who took me through my University years on awesome study sessions. They aren't the cookie cutter you expect when you hear Hip Hop but the essence that exist throughout it. Where the Native Tongue left they picked it up. While incorporating old samples, jazz fusion, disco hits, and a mellow vibe while at the same time delivering great lyrics they thrive where others fail. I would go the length and say that they are the greatest there was. Kicker is they aren't the expected African American you expect but of Peruvian and South American descendant from Los Angeles which at start caused them to not succeed in a industry lead by race. Where race was factor they were endorsed and elevated by music fiends who got tired after 96's of the commercialization of a genre. Crates of old vinyl is their weapons.
        Each songs delivers a different take to the genre even transcending to other genres. Fast paced, slow paced, mellow, even a disco song. To this day they still release albums and their last one was the awesomest. Simply, they understand they genre and didn't conform, to which was their greatest triumph. There are 2 other groups but I'll leave that to another thread.
        1-3 Songs To Share:
        Song: The Joyride
        Song incorporates a hymn from a disco song, a 60's sample, live drumming.

        via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4PXsNe2y2U

        Song: The L.A Song
        A take on the rise of the gang indoctrination in the genre. The whole album is well executed since they were trying to be "hard" but rather parody take on it. Xylophones, guitars, tambourine, and a sample playing incorporates a strong song. iTunes and Google Music tells me this is my most listened song
        The image has nothing to do with it but it's how I feel towards the song, same way Fry felt in that episode. Also first time I heard it was this youtube vid in 2008.

        via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sc7H3SrK4DM

        Song: Dewrit
        From 2 albums ago, The Highlighter. Since they are from South America, they utilize a lot of songs from there. May it be Brazillian, Peruvian, or Mexican they know how to scientifically craft music to a degree where you don't even realize you don't speak spanish/portuguese.

        via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4KesQMvwqU

        Also checkout their last album 12 Step Program.
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        • Oct 25, 2012
          the last rapper I listened to was biggy......just cant listen to anyone else after him :frown:

          Rip Biggy