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His Dudeness wants to say something

Discussion in Introductions started by His Dudeness 2, Jul 23, 2012

  1. Jun 13, 2012
    Hi everybody ive been here over a month and i really like it here. I think im gonna stay for a long time. Its great to know you all and being accepted as an admin is great. Well see you in the forums
    Post Merged, Jul 23, 2012
    you will find me mostly in minigames and in zombie escape wearin adminskull skin
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    • Mar 19, 2012
      I enjoy killing you in MG :grin:
    • Jun 13, 2012
      hahaha very funny
      Post Merged, Jul 23, 2012
      and its "killiing Thy Dudeness in MG"
    • Jul 28, 2011
      Wercome dude
    • Nov 11, 2011
      What grudge said
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      • Jul 16, 2012
        Thy killing of dudeness is awesome. Tis' be all.
      • Oct 29, 2010
        Does that skin even exist now? :bugeyes:

        Anyways, hi. Whenever I see your name, I (unfortunately) am forced to visualize a shemale.

        That, or some rude rendering of a bearded lady. . .
      • May 30, 2012
        PlagueFest is also one of the best communities you find around. :music:
      • Apr 1, 2012
        *kisses dudeness' hand*

        welcome monsieur
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        • Jan 31, 2011
          The dude abides.
        • Feb 24, 2011
          I approve, glad to have you here.