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How did you end up in pF?

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Brett, Feb 22, 2012

  1. Dec 6, 2011
    How did you end up in pF?

    Quietly's anal Rules to thread:
    Suggestions for Thread:

    1. Make a nice little short story about you came into pF, feel free to include details.
    2. Don't put just one (or a few) sentences, be detailed, please try your best to add as much as you can.
    3. Please don't reply to other's posts or post random shit, like just making a joke. This thread should ONLY be people's short stories about how they ended up in Plaguefest, making it an organized, clean place to read other's posts. This should get the point across that you should only post here once, and only once. Please don't ruin the thread. Nobody wants to have to read a conversation between two people about an inside joke for a page and a half.
    4. Make it interesting to read, this should be something that people will enjoy reading, not something that they try to skim through because every line is: "I did this. Then, I did that. Then, I did this."

    What is the point of this thread? Well I thought it'd be interesting to do, and also something cool for others to read. I hope I can get a variety of people to post in here, including those who've been here a while. I would like for everyone to take a crack at this and share their story with the community. This should be something we can look back on down the road years from now, and that newer people can add to in the future.

    My start:

    Needing a break from boring games and school, I started thinking about 6-7 years ago when I stole my brother's Counter Strike to play against bots. I remembered having loads of fun holding people hostage on militia or planting a bomb on some map for hours on end. This brought me to download CS:S from TPB to try out, around April 2011. I had then looked through all of the servers on the "find servers" list to see what there was to play. I found a couple zombie mod servers that I thought were extremely fun. So I played random servers for a couple days, until the few amount of people bored me. The next day randomly clicking on zombie servers, I magically enough clicked on pF's ZM and played it. It was highly addicting and it consumed a large portion of my life during late Spring/early Summer. Though, I started pulling back a little bit on the time I played it because it became a little boring since I knew every map like the back of my hand.

    Sadness struck when an update for CS:S came out in something like September? October? I cannot remember, but it happened and cracked Counter Strike:Source games could no longer work on pF servers. I had to resort to playing on shitty P@py's and Hellz. Nothing like 250ping! I only got on every once in a while because of two reasons. One, they were not any fun at all, and two, I had a lot of things to work on. So when I finally landed a job in early October, I began to spend, and CS:S began to find it's way into my interest.

    That day that I bought CS:S, I hopped on pF servers and played for hours upon hours. It was like giving a kid the key to a candy store. The day after I bought CS:S, I bought a Donator Subscription. I just couldn't stand not having that extra jump boost, also, the skins were the shit! I continued to play as a Donator for probably a little over a month. I did have thoughts about purchasing admin in the beginning, but I thought it'd be pointless, holy shit was I wrong! It wasn't until one night that I began to dread not becoming an admin. On this night there were a ton of assholes on the server spraying some really fucked up porn sprays over and over and some idiots trolling and ruining the game for everyone. After this occurred, I instantly purchased admin the next day, which is where I officially became a part of the Plaguefest.
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    • Aug 8, 2010
      I started mapping for Quake 1 back in the day. You would think I would be a better mapper after all that time, but no. I mapped for years and eventually moved into the Half-Life genre for mapping when it came out. From there I became interested in Counter-Strike and started Scrimming with clans against clans. At the time, I was in a clan/team called M4. (yes its lame) The owner of it was into zombiemod, the original. He took me to a server after telling me how awsome it was. At first I thought he was nutz. The map made no sense, the game even less. There were retards everywhere and children yelling in the mic with no admins for suport. After giving the mod a fair chance I started to see its potential. I thought I would find a clan to join and map for. I then came across GHS/CSK clan. What a nice group of people. They welcomed me and were great from the start. I made a map for them exclusively called zm_justaplace which solidified my place in the clan and game me some "spect". I made several more maps for the clan and all was well.

      As everyone know, GHS has come and gone over the years so we ended up parting ways after 3 full years of fun. I then went on to map for my friends TF2 clan DarkImpulse. This went well for a few years then it all went south as things usually do without support. So I started to play zombiemod again. I trolled every zm server I could find, much like Quiet :grin: and eventually came to pF. I found my home from the beginning as everyone was so fucking cool and organized. Oh, and the mappers actually get support from the community which is so refreshing and inspiring. After geting to know individuals better I found that this was where I wanted to have my maps played. I loved the server setup, the skins, the admins. Everything was just so damn cool and refreshing.

      The rest is history, no mystery.
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      • Jul 19, 2011
        uhhh I bought CS:S about 2 years ago but my comp was from like 2001 so when i ran it the screen would just stay black. After I bought my new comp about 1 1/2 years ago, I forgot about css and just played maplestory/runescape. One day i picked up the box and thought "hey lets try this again". It worked and then i saw so many servers with 0 people. So I clicked the players tab and organized it so that the server with the most people. Saw the zm 64/64 server as the first one and bam my journey to the best of zm started. AFter a while zm got boring and i became affectionate toward Minas. o wait another opportunity for me to cry.... BRING BACK MINAS D=

        I disagree with chodda that the zm server has "cool" people. As you can easily notice that 3/4 of zombies are the zombine. The definition of a zombine "a weak sauce zombie". Therefore, i conclude that zm is full of idiot zombies roaming around and blocking me from killing humans. Sometimes i see zombies knifing a cade, and i find that hilarious so i encourage it some more on the mic and the next hing you know there are 10 zombies forming a clump knifing a cade. So much laughs in zm with JzX.
      • Jul 4, 2011
        As you all may or may not know, I'm a Mako Reactor freak (Zombie escape map), I was really fascinated by the map and no-lifed it every single day, jumping to and from different servers playing it. One day I made a search for the map on game-monitor and found it playing on PlagueFest, so I joined and stayed after seeing how awesome the community was and became admin a few days later. :cool:
      • Jul 20, 2010
        Well I started playing years ago after watching my friend play zm then took a break and came back to it in 2010 played ze a lot the server I did play on died so I started looking for a new server to play on and found pF's zm server and connected to it played for a few months made some friends and then bought admin since I was on late at night and there weren't many admins on at that time. Been here since may 2010 if I remember correctly. And I'm still here today playing on the servers and made even more new friends and played other games with them that have come and gone. Made some good friends that I can play with on BF3 since its hard for me to accept players to follow me around in fps games same goes for zm never did like people following me to cading spots but I found certain people were good enough to cade with :razz:
      • Jan 28, 2012
        I have been playing Counter-Strike: Source since 2005? Playing a ridiculous amount of game modes throughout my tenure.

        I first came across zombie mod in late 2006 if I remember rightly, I used to get the urge to refresh the server listings and download all the maps I hadnt downloaded, it was an obsession, little did I know that new maps were created all the time, and that's when I came across ZM, ZM sounded like an interesting challenge so I decided to download Lila_Panic and that's when the zombie career started, it also helped that I was a big fan of Ka_Soccer, and since then I have been lucky to meet and play with loads of great guys, and come across some really successful zombie servers. I can't quite remember the names of the Zombie Mod servers because this stretched over a 5 year period.

        When Zombie Escape was introduced I played on servers such as SteamGamers UK, SteamGamers USA, Geclan.UK, Omega, Syndicate Gamers and I3D European servers for as long as I can remember, but having responsibilities in other clans I was back and forth between zombie, soccer and other games. With SteamGamers UK losing it's popularity since an IP change, well several IP changes I played on the USA Version, a matter of months later I came across Syndicate Gamers I lagged hardcore, so widened my search and saw that PlagueFest was also a high slot zombie escape server.

        When I first came onto PlagueFest I was oblivious to how good this server actually was with the type of teamplay, I think the teamplay feature has only come alive since the level and item maps were introduced, before then I very rarely saw any team work. My ping on PlagueFest compared to SteamGamers was rather high, 100 to 150 ping increase so I wasn't around that often to begin with, this as well as experiencing other laggy American servers so I stuck by with the other communities. I could never really get used to the low HP zombie which was also a good indicator to disappear. After a spell of inactivity on Steam I was back again to see that many great communities had fallen. I came back to PlagueFest and played on the likes of Predator, Mako and Minas and stayed ever since, I still also have a great deal of loyalty to SteamGamers. Months passed and that is when I decided to pay for a 3 month admin subscription in January 2012, I had played on this server on and off for a year or more, it's very hard to remember the exact day I turned up on PlagueFest but it's definitely been more than a year.
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        • Feb 20, 2012
          I've played ZM on and off for a few years now. I ended up at pF because I followed S.O.A.D :devil: (known him from 2007 where we played soccer mainly who also introduced me to ZE). I'm hooked on the server as it's the first time I've seen these level and boss maps, the team work is also quite impressive (at times anyway) and it's very enjoyable even with the lag spikes that occur every so often.
        • Feb 14, 2012
          Lets see...

          I was banned from UV for telling their upper admin to fuck off. Was looking for a new zombie escape server after a mild WoW addiction. Found pF in the list. Between pF and the french servers I preferred the settings of pF. The community was also better, guys like Speedy (before Nezumi went off on him and drove him away) where fucking hilarious and kept me coming back with a smile on my face.
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          • Sep 14, 2008
            I started by watching my ex play ZM on a few different servers before pF. i was always interested in trying css, but was kind of nervous because I've never really played FPS games before. I liked MMO's and a lot of console games. So when he started to play in pF I wanted to try as well. So I was just a casual player for alittle bit, then I became an admin about 4 years ago and been with pF ever since
          • Feb 18, 2011
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            • Jun 23, 2011
              It all started when I left my hl2dm community which hosted the puzzle servers

              Anyways I was sick of hl2dm and decided to try out cs:s and stumbled upon the ibis server (back when it was actually decent) and played there for awhile while loving the ze maps. After it turned downhill I stopped playing cs:s again and was hopping on random games until one day I was bored and saw a ZE server which happened to be PF. The moment I joined and played I loved it and kept on coming back and soon after became a donor :razz:

              And now im here :grin:
            • Apr 9, 2007
              @secprotocol gave me admin after I bugged him for a bit. @Brian banned me before that, though.
            • Jan 5, 2007
              I've been here almost since the beginning I think, and have had admin for pretty much all of that time.

              I feel old now...
            • Feb 12, 2012
              I found this place by one day playing TF2 and I remembered how I used to play zombies on Counter Strike and how much fun it was. So i decided to install Counter Strike in my computer again because I wanted to revisit some of the zombie servers I used to play on. When it installed I looked in my favorites and all the zombie servers I used to play on about a year or 2 ago were dead, no one played on them anymore. So that made me sad because I knew a lot of people there and a lot of there admins. After that i searched on google for "Counter Strike Source Zombie Mod Servers" the results i got were this Click, and i saw two Plaguefest servers on top, so i decided to join the server and see if it was any fun. And from there on i visited the website to buy donator, but i remembered when im on barely any admins get on the 24/7 Panic server, and that's how i found this place :razz:
            • Jul 28, 2011
              I bought hl2/css the day it came out (2004) and have been playing since then. I first ran into zombie mod in 2005. It was a very basic mod, not nearly as good as the one we have now, but still a lot of fun. Most of the maps were really ugly but really fun, and this encouraged me to make some maps for it. I made quite a few maps for the old zombie mod, most of which were "really ugly but really fun" :razz: Occasionally I would host my own server for a few hours with just my maps and we would get about 20 people really fast, since there was just 1 other zombie server at the time. I never really got too into it though, I would just create a dedicated server and leave it up a few hours. I played that mod until I took a 6 month break from gaming. When I got back, the server had died, and I took a bit of a break from zombie mod. A few months later I ran into my first zombie infection server and joined that zombie clan. It was no reload, which is awesome, and I played that quite a bit. Eventually I decided to make the move back to CS 1.6, and so I didn't play CSS or make any maps for about 3 years. This summer, I bought a new lap top and installed css. Zombie mod was calling again, so I browsed for servers and was sad to see all of the reload servers gone, but I gave pF a try and found out it was awesome. I also started getting into mapping again and wanted to release my maps publicly instead of just keeping them kind of private on my server and with a few buddies, so I came to the pF forums because pF became the zm server I played the most on. I created an account here so I could suggest my newest map, and saw how awesome it was so I stuck around :smile: Lately my internet has been absolute crap, so my ping is usually 100+ though :/
            • Oct 27, 2010
              Played 1.6 back in high school then stopped playing for many years.

              Changed colleges in 2010 and my new roommate was playing Source. Stumbled on this server and stuck around.

              EDIT: (Adding a few more sentences because I didn't read the rules :silly: lolz)

              Didn't play video games in architecture school. Played ZM a long time ago, forget where. I suck at video games so I play ZM / ZE / MG(which I suck at) and various RPG's because I can pretend I suck in the game.
            • Oct 29, 2010
              I honestly have no idea.

              I've been playing CS since damn near the beginning, had stopped playing around 2007 (if I had to guess.) I don't really remember why I re-installed CS:S in late 2010 but I did, I had never played ZM before so I have no idea what drove me to join a server running it but I did.

              A week'ish in to playing regularly on the server I bought donor, few days later I decided to upgrade to admin (their support department sucked back then.) Apparently I made the right friends cause I moved up the ladder pretty quickly.

              This was the first FPS community I'd ever been a part of, I'm glad I stuck around for it to evolve into my first multigaming community. I love it here and hope to be around for years to come.
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              • Mar 16, 2008
                I use to be in Angry Old Bastards playing DoD:S and CS:S until 2007~ when I started playing TF2(replacing DoD:S) and CS:S, I played CS and CS:CZ before and loved them(Even on the Xbox).
                I played some competitive TF2 while playing on PlagueFest around TF2's launch and eventually got admin on our servers. Continued my competitive TF2 until 2009~ and since then I've been only PF
              • Nov 29, 2010
                I just was bored one day and I decided to join a zombie mod server. Nothing really that much, next thing I know I'm playing all kinds of games with other people in the community and honestly, I can't be any happier
              • Mar 12, 2008
                I can't remember when i started playing, but it was definetly after '05 or '06, and I was finally able to run CS:S on a semi-decent computer.

                After playing regular, GunGame for a long time, i was getting bored with the game really quickly. After a while scrolling thru the servers list, I saw "zombiemod" and thought, "wtf is that?"so two clicks later and i'm in the PlagueFest server. The admins on at the time (god i miss em) Kitty/punisher, Ck27, were incredibly chill and made it fun to stay around. I was new to ZM, so i asked for tips and Kitty told me how to survive: an MP5, a P226 and a Grenade. Still use that combo today :heart:

                Oh, the skins were a great bonus too. Those definitely made the decision a lot easier. Spectr forever!

                Back on topic, I came for the zombies, stayed for the atmosphere. I played as a regular for about 3 months until I started my first job, then I bought admin soon as I got my pay. It kinda feels good to say "I was around, back then". I can still remember when we went through all the server changes, raising and lowering slots, adding and deleting settings/maps/people...man it's sure been a long bumpy ride. All this hard work and heartache amounted to two things though: #1 and #2 servers in the world, and an excellent admin team to back them up.