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How I feel about you

Discussion in The No Count Section started by Grape, Oct 23, 2014

  1. Oct 24, 2013
    I wanna come over and show you what it feels like to fit a full 16.9oz bottle of Member's Mark brand Purified Water into a standard sized CVS pill bottle.
    So if you could just give it to me when I say when.
    We can start.
    When I came home last night
    You wouldn't make love to me
    You went fast asleep
    YOu wouldn't even talk to me
    said I'm so crazy
    Coming home intoxicated
    I said I just wanna love ya
    (I just wanna love you baby)
    Guess that's why I'm so elated (C'mon girl)

    I know sometimes I come home high.
    When I was high as the sky
    Out all night just dancing
    You say let's go home (c'mon, I'm tired let's go home)
    That's the time I start romancin'
    You say "how can I love ya?"
    (how can I love you baby)
    "When your body keeps on moving"
    I say "Wait til I sqeeze you" (oh)
    Maybe then you'll start to groovin'
    (c'mon girl)

    Give it to me baby (give it to me baby)
    Give it to me baby (give it to me baby)
    (I betcha) I'll make ya hot like you had enough

    Give it to me
    Give me that stuff
    that funk
    that sweet
    that funky stuff
    (Give it to me)
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    • Oct 13, 2011
      "instert all kinds of what the fuck memes here"
    • Jun 11, 2012

      Here's a reason to use this gif I have open for a week now.
    • Mar 14, 2013
      wat :O