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How to build a PC

Discussion in Help Desk started by Viva La Border Patrol, Aug 11, 2011

  1. Oct 22, 2007
    Guide to try and help people who know little or nothing about pc's... I know it could be better but if you have a question post here and someone can help answer it.

    Parts needed for a complete build (Parts can vary in quality/performance so ask if you need help)
    Mother Board
    GPU (Graphics Card)
    HDD (Hard Disk Drive)
    CD Drive/Blue Ray (whatever you want)
    Other parts can be anything you want and monitor/keyboard/mouse is basics…

    First off lets look at the MOBO (motherboard)
    Orange- Cpu socket goes ( the four holes at each corner are where the heat sink fan *HSF* will mount to)
    Red- power connector for cpu (8 pin and will be labled on psu for cpu cable)
    Yellow- Dimm slots for ram sticks
    Green- 24 pin connector for mobo power
    Blue- Sata connection (where you connect hard drive and cd-rom, powering them in section below)
    Pink- prongs that you connect case on/off, reset into. (manual will tell you what goes where)
    Purple is the PCI/PCIE slots used for GPU/Sound card. (x16 is faster than x8 so try and use the x16 for gpu)

    The cpu will go into the orange area that was shown above and looking at the pic you will see a grey protector inside to protect the pins. On the right side of the orange box inside it is a lever that you push down and lift up to release the lock. After this you can pull the metal in the center up and take out the plastic piece that is protecting the pins. Be careful not to bend a pin due to the fact that it voids warrenty (your fault if you aren’t careful). Take out this piece and look at the chip and the empty spot you took out you will notice on the chip that it has a inlet that should match up with the socket on the board. Ease the chip in and let it fall into place. Once it is seated you can pull that metal holder back over it and lock it back into place the same way you took it off.

    CPU Power: Red Box
    The cpu power cable will be shown on most power supply cables and also noted on the power supply. Read to make sure you have the correct cable to plug in. This ex. has 2 of them for overclocking so most boards should have one and be easy to find.

    Ram: yellow box
    Read manual but the ram will go into the slots that they choose you use first with memory. Ex this board is mine and I use the red slots due to those needing to be filled first. Ram has a longer side and shorter, so before just cramming it into the slot look at which way you will insert it into the slot. There are those black tabs which hold the memory into place so make sure you push those back and out of the way before inserting ram. When you push ram into the mother board these tabs should go into place again to hold ram in. Make sure ram is pushed all the way in and the tabs are pushed in on the side to know ram is fully secured, otherwise you can have a short and cost yourself some money.
    PCI Slots: Purple box
    These come in x8/x16/express which 8 and 16 are red on this board and express is black. Boards are different and you will need to read which slot is 8 or 16. This is where your gpu will go into on the board. Now the gpu will probably need a 8 pin and 6 pin power connector going into the side opposite of the gold area which slides into the slot. Putting these in will be just like memory and will pop right in. Make sure you undo the slots at the back of the computer case that the card will take up so you can slide it in.


    Hard Disk Drive/ CD-Rom: Connects into Blue box on MOBO pic
    These will fit in the 5.25in drive bays on the computer. The blue wire will connect to the blue part on the mobo and blue box on the hdd/cd-rom. The red in the pic is going to be power and the pic is just an example of what can power it. In this pic it uses a 4pin molex, but most power supply units will have a cable to power them all on one cord.


    Power supply:
    This is a very important part of the pc and it is better to go with a better one than cheap and higher wattage than you need. Meaning if you run the power supply almost at max all the time it runs harder than say at 60-75% needed at full load. People have opinions on what they feel is over kill but you get what you pay for. Now some of these psu are modular in that you can add cables as you need or some psu just have all the cables coming out of it and you just have to hide the rest in the case where you can.
    This pic is a non modular psu but already has everything labled for ease. Most cables come with a 6+2pin connector and it can be used in the 8pin on the gpu. Then you will use a 6pin also to power the gpu and that power is taken care of. Molex in the pic are 4 holes and look inside they have a certain shape and they will power your fans or whatever you need them to. 24 pin goes into the area shown to power the mother board. Sata power goes into what was shown above.


    As you can see this is the inside of the case where the mobo is mounted. CD-Rom is mounted in the top right and yes you will have to put screws in to hold it into place. HDD is below it and you can see where the gpu is in place and how the cover in the left side of the pic mid/bottom has a cover removed for it to fit in. This is what I was meaning when it will have to be removed to slide into place earlier.

    Adding thermal paste- Thermal paste will be applied to the cpu when you install the mother board to the center of the chip on the silver side (not the gold side which is pushed into the pins). It should be clean with no oil from your fingers so you can take a paper towel if you want and a dab of rubbing alcohol and clean the chip off (don’t drench it). Let it dry and clean the bottom of the heat sink fan that will be in contact with the cpu as well. Once this is done you will put a little bit bigger than a grain of rice size on the center of the cpu. My method is to take a plastic zip lock bag and use my finger to cover the surface lightly, too much is bad and too little is as well. You want a very thin amount over the cpu. Now you can put the HSF onto the chip and secure it to the board. There will be 4 holes that you put screws into and a mount that goes on the back of the board that will hold the HSF into place. Some cases will let you acess this from the back while others don’t. So don’t be surprised if you have to install the HSF before putting the MOBO in and screwing it into the case.

    After putting pc together connect keyboard, mouse, monitor, psu power cable. Next take window cd put it into cd rom and start the computer and install windows. This is another subject and you might have to go into bios to select which drive to load from if more than one. After windows is installed you need to install updates, drivers for gpu which can be down loaded from companies website, drivers for mobo, anti virus, etc... This is another thing honestly, but hope this sheds some light on how easy it is to put all this together...
    I’ll add more later and even show the ease of water cooling but I figured this would be a start in getting people scared of doing builds themselves a how to. Besides i am tired ATM...