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Tutorial How to make a Teleport: Everything about it

Discussion in Resources & Tutorials started by Ghost, Mar 16, 2012

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  1. May 14, 2011

    Well where to start, first of all make a brush with a trigger texture. Then press CTRL+T to bring up the function menu.

    Type in func_teleport and press apply. The first thing you want to do is name it because you will at one point want to control it in some way. The second thing, very important is go to flags and select client and anything else from to options you would like to be teleported by the func_teleport.



    Next you need to create an entity called info_teleport_destination. Name it anything you want.


    Then go back to the teleport and select "remote destination" and selct the info_teleport_destination you just made.

    The teleport is now ready to work!

    Advanced Options


    If you want to filter the people that can use the teleport create a entity called "filter_activator_team". Select a team option and press allow. Then name the Filter.

    Then go back to the teleport and select the Filter name.

    Now only the team you selected will be filtered Capture01

    Allowing only 1 person to teleport

    You need to add an output as shown below.


    This will disable the teleport after 1 person has teleported.

    Enable the teleport by button

    Fist of all add a button and select "Don't move" in flags and add an output as shown below.


    The select "start disabled" in the teleport flags and the teleport will only work when you press the button.

    I will upload the .vmf file with all the methods I explained here : [MY ISP IS SHAPING MY INTERNET TRAFFIC SO I CANT UPLOAD ATM, WILL UPLOAD IN THE MORNING]

    Thanks for Reading
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    • Jun 4, 2006
      Nice! Moved to Tutorials and appended the prefix.
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