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How to Mann Up.

Discussion in Gaming started by Taters, Aug 17, 2012

  1. Mar 12, 2008

    This thread is dedicated to the newest TF2 update: Mann Vs. Machine!

    Tons of new hats/weapons/trinkets have been added, and the new game mode, Invasion, has been introduced.

    Think "Dungeon Defenders" minus being able to building turrets (Unless you are an engie). This game mode pits you against waves of robots, in which you must overcome to gain money to upgrade your weapons, or build various resistances for different types of damage including being able to move faster/jump higher.

    Each class has it's own strengths and weaknesses, of course. Heavies put out lots of pain, but are easily taken down without proper healing. Scouts have higher collection radiuses and no respawn timer, but have the weakest health.

    (For a tl;dr, you can see the full wiki here: (CLICK ME)

    To play the update, you do not need anything at all. Nothing.

    However, to earn the new loot, or "MANN UP" you potentially need a couple things:


    The tour of duty ticket will allow you to enter "MANN UP" mode. After you finish a Tour of Duty, you will be rewarded a random drop, included in this drop are special item drops only obtainable by playing Mann vs Machine. If you do not beat the Mission for any reason, then your Tickets will not be consumed and can be used again later.
    $0.99 in American money to nab this ticket.


    The Squad Surplus Voucher is an item for Mann vs. Machine that can be redeemed before a Tour of Duty mission, or Mann Up mode. However, if the mission is not cleared successfully, the voucher will not be consumed and no item will be awarded, same as the Tour of Duty ticket. $1.99 in American monies to nab this ticket.

    One property of these vouchers is that it can be stacked between teammates. If more than one player uses this item, then the number of items obtained when the mission is cleared will be greater. You can get up to 6 items upon completing this mode if everyone in a full team of 6 uses the Voucher. These items are the same as those randomly dropped, though there seems to be a small chance of obtaining Mann vs. Machine cosmetic items instead.

    The following link goes over the FAQ including the Tickets and Tour of Duty Badge, in addition to breaking down the individual sections of the most important information. CLICK ME!

    This is very important, as, at the highest probability you have a chance of obtaining 6 completely new items from the update, but that is a very slim chance. You may get a couple like Akademikz did, or none at all like a couple others in our group did (They got regular loot).

    These tickets, however, do cost. In American monies, It is roughly $3 for both tickets. This is completely optional, but you have higher chances of obtaining the new loot.

    There are 3 new maps, and 2 modes per map. These differ in terms of difficulty and types of waves spawned.

    The bomb travels along a set path, while the other "Mobs" which are the regular little robots which are comprised of Scouts, spies, heavies, soldiers, etc... (a.k.a "Trash") can fan out in different directions. Any mob may pick up the bomb, but the longer they carry it, the stronger they get. This includes a healing aura for nearby mobs, movement speed, and crits. Obviously this is bad, so kill it as soon as you can.

    There are also "Bosses" in the form of Tanks which do no damage, but have a supreme amount of health, Super soldiers/heavies/scouts and they all do increased damage and run super fast. They all can pick up the bomb as well, and they are tough to take down when it happens.

    Another type of enemy, called a Sentry Buster, actively seeks out a nearby engineer, and attempts to break their stuff. This can also one-shot anyone standing near it, so if you see the engineer running, try to keep up. They have lots of resistance to bullet/blast damage, but the Pyro can airblast it to "juggle" it so the engineer has time to run.

    Depending on the mode you select, there's different wave lengths, different compositions, and harder enemies.

    This is a fantastic challenging update, and If you haven't had time to try it out yet, I advise you to try it as soon as possible. Valve has implemented a matchmaking system, and this is how they are testing it out. I recommend going as a "pre-made" or a group of 6 people you know for a higher chance of survival and better teamwork.
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