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How to properly install skins for Counter-Strike: Source (a more organized way)

Discussion in Tutorials started by Santa Zoey, May 21, 2014

  1. Dec 10, 2013
    I'm sorry if this kind of thread has been done already (I'm still kinda new to these forums :s), but anyways, the why of this thread is because I noticed lots of people seem to install skins in a really messy way, it's easy to install them, yes, but to remove them, it's more time consuming.

    So I will try to explain an even easier way to install skins, where uninstalling skins only takes a couple of clicks!

    So anyways here's what most people do, which is the messy way:

    We have 4 folders: materials, models, scripts and sound, what most people do is that they go to ...steam/steamapps/common/counter strike source/cstrike/custom and in there, they create a folder named my_custom_stuff, like this:


    and proceed to put in all folders of the skins they have downloaded there, so that their my_custom_stuff folder looks like this:


    Well that way works, but it's really messy when uninstalling skins, you'd have to go folder by folder, removing file by file until you're sure you no longer have files of the skin you're uninstalling AND making sure you don't remove files of another skin accidentally. Let's say I don't want the M249 and the dualies anymore, I will have to go folder by folder removing file by file:


    Kinda messy to do just to uninstall a couple weapons, right?

    So what's the way to install skins in a way its easier to install and uninstall?

    Easy, go to ...steam/steamapps/common/counter strike source/cstrike/custom and in there, make a new folder for each skin you download.

    For this explaination, I will put as example 2 custom skins you can download in gamebanana, one of them is for the TMP and the other is for the AWP.

    Let's say I download this really cool TMP and the content in the .rar file looks like this:


    And next, we will download this AWP skin because using AWPs in ZE is the best you can do, so let's download that, and if we open the .rar file, the files for the AWP will look like this:


    In every skin we download, we must only worry about our 4 main folders:

    Materials, Models, Scripts and Sound

    So instead of mixing the folders included in the TMP skin with the folders included in the AWP skin in a single folder called my_custom_stuff (which is the way people install their skins when they drop everything in that single folder), I will just make a new folder for each weapon! These can have any name you want, you just have to make sure they are in the right directory, which is the custom folder.

    Let's install out TMP first, in our custom folder, as mentioned, we will create a folder with any name you want, for the sake of having order, we will call it TMP_NewSkin, so it will look like this:


    And inside this folder, we will drag the files from the TMP skin .rar


    Nice job! You just installed your TMP! *gives you a cookie*

    Well now that you installed the TMP let's go for the AWP, so we will do the same, the 4 folders we have to care of: materials, models, scripts and sound. will be dragged into A NEW FOLDER WE WILL CREATE ONLY FOR OUR AWP, so let's make a new folder for our AWP, we could call it AWP_NewSkin but that name is too mainstream so we will put in a better name:


    so mature

    So you know what to do now, assuming you don't, here's what you do, you drag our 4 important folders from the AWP .rar into the folder we just created:


    Nice job! You just installed your new AWP! *gives you another cookie*

    Congratulations! You just installed skins, it doesn't matter if you have multiple folders in your custom folder, CSS will load each folder that is located in custom.

    You can now launch Counter-Strike: Source and see by yourself how the skins worked out, if they do work, congrats! :wink:

    Take a look at how my custom folder looks like for example, even though I have several folders, CSS loads each and every single of them just fine :smile:


    So how is this way easier to uninstall skins?

    Let's put an example based on my custom screenshot, let's say I don't want my custom SG552, so instead of going folder by folder, file by file (like the my_custom_stuff installation process) I will just remove the folder I made to put in the SG552 files, which, in my case, is Makama's SG552.

    And if I find a new SG552, to install it I will just make a new folder with any name I want, like SG552tisgut or SomeguysSG552, I will just have to be sure the materials, models, scripts and sound or folders included in the download are inside the new folder I created.

    This tutorial may as well not be that useful at all :s, but I noticed a lot of people were installing their skins in a way it's much more harder to uninstall them, so this guide was meant to try to explain an easier way on how to both, install and uninstall.

    Hope it was a bit useful at least :wink:

    EDIT 22/05/14: Added a couple more pictures and a bit more of info
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      Vanya Spazmidt, May 21, 2014 Last edited by Santa Zoey, May 22, 2014
    • May 21, 2014
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      • Apr 12, 2014
        I wasn't aware you could do this, i had always just searched for the skin id (ak, mp5, p90) in my_custom_stuff folder and just deleted the files that way, Ill try this out sometime.:thumbsup:
      • Mar 30, 2013
        You can also create a .vpk for each skins you put in cstrike/custom
      • Dec 10, 2013
        Updated the guide with a few more examples and screenshots, hoping I made the explaination even more simple
      • May 21, 2014
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      • Feb 25, 2014
        Yeah, I use this for some time, Very sweet to add your own custom skins ingame. make it less dull