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How to troll the Alliance - Gathering style

Discussion in Gaming started by Taters, Jun 23, 2012

  1. Mar 12, 2008
    This is an info topic on how to troll the alliance while gathering materials for your skills.

    Also is a general info/hints thread

    On a (private:pirate:) PvP server, where one will kill you over the chance to loot a specific gathering point, all is fair in love and war.

    Some parts of the gather are worth more, and some are worth a lot less. In this picture, I am looting "Goldclover" which sells for ~540g a stack, and it also includes other stuff of worth also. The final item in the gather is always "Frost lotus", which is incredibly common, and worth next to nothing.

    Here's some quick info on how to win the gathering wars. Refer to the attatched picture at the bottom.

    1: Right-click to start gathering

    2: Loot everything of value, and leave the least expensive item in the gather point, and walk away.

    3: The gather location will STILL show the spot as available, and hapless alliance players will autoloot it, hoping to get a quick score, only to find it has a worthless item in it. Do this enough, and the area will start to light up like New York City, attracting Alliance players away from other, valuable gather spots.

    This is an effective way to troll any mangy alliance in the area, and eventually they will leave the area once they keep getting frustrated with repeat gathers that are worthless, leaving you to farm till your bags are full.


    This will also work with ore nodes, and anything else that can be gathered from a profession. Happy Hunting!

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