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Human/zombie offense and defense tactics

Discussion in Help Desk started by Dead_by_dawn, Jul 20, 2016

  1. Jul 19, 2016
    What's up guys! You may or may not know me as Mandtband, Smallwonton, Mynameisgeri, and my current name from a while ago but I would like some advice or tactics on the offensive and defense against both zombies and humans. I've been on Plaguefest for about 2 years and I kinda got the hang of this server but it feels like I don't. I would like to ask some people for advice about this topic. Note: This is in my opinion a serious topic because this maybe good help for new players who join the server. Be courteous for others.
  2. Oct 13, 2011
    Defensive play as a zombie: !ztele at 100 hp.
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    • Apr 26, 2015

      bind j "ztele; cya fgts"
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      • Feb 27, 2012
        Tips as a Human
        • The P90 is the most balanced weapon for knockback, accuracy, bullet spread, and for building barricades. Running and shooting is OK with this weapon.
        • The MP5 is really good (if not the best) for accuracy, bullet spread and knockback, but shitty for building barricades. Running and shooting is good with this weapon.
        • The M249 Para has an extremely high knockback and is alright for making barricades, but the recoil and bullet spread on it is really high. Running and shooting is a no-go, as your bullets will land everywhere but where you want them to.
        • Always get as far away from other people as possible if the Mother Zombies have not been selected yet. If you have like 5 of you in one spot, get to the best spot that gives you a place to escape if you must, but also doesn't leave you exposed to being back stabbed. If you have a buddy in that cade, you can get close to them if you're not going to backstab each other and can shoot the selected zombie if they end up being in your cade.
        • As i'm sure you know, flashing flashlights on and off is what people do to show a mutual "peace". Don't be an asshole by doing that and then killing the person anyway. You will never make friends that way. If you goal is to have no friends in the game at all, go right ahead then!
        • Use tracers to see where your bullets are going to be familiar with recoil patterns more easily. You can do this by typing !tracer
        • Damage Display is really handy as well. You can see how much damage you're doing to the player, as well as their current HP as you're hitting them. You can do this by typing !ddisplay
        • Be aware of the types of props that are in your cade. Some you can glitch through, others you can't. You can test them by jumping on them and then shooting it once or pressing e on it. If you fall through, it's glitchable. If you get stuck in it for a second, it's not. Usually you want to block the entrances with non-glitchable props, and then use the glitchable ones behind it to help support the cade and make it stronger.
        • Zmarket. It will make buying your loadout soooo much easier. Spend one round getting together a loadout, save the loadout, and make it auto buy it every round. You can do this through !zmarket.
        Tips as a Zombie
        • If there is a fairly small wall on the other side of a cade, you can flip props through the wall. A good example of this is on a lila panic map with the "long hall" where players barricade with the 2 vending machines. If you go on the other side of the wall and press E, you can actually move the props through the wall.
        • Jumping and holding E on props moves them much easier, but most of the time they will only push, not pull towards you. Standing and pressing E will just pull them towards you, or push some lighter props such as couches.
        • Stay aware of your HP. If you are not a donator, choose your zombie class wisely, as you do not have health regeneration (unless of course you are selected to be a Mother Witch Zombie or Mother Half Zombie) Each zombie has their advantages
          • Half zombie is excellent for hiding. You see at a normal height but players can only see you as the little crawling zombie. However, they have the lowest HP of all the zombies. This class is typically good for trying to bust through barricades so you can see them, but they can't see you.
          • Fast Zombie (which isn't actually fast, it has been broken for some time :frown: ) has a really hard to hit headshot hitbox, but has a fairly high knockback when you do get hit in the head with bullets. Typically good for "zombie trains", not as the front lines, but as a support in case someone in front of you were to die, you'd blast right through and get the human in front of you.
          • Headcrab Zombie is a good tank. It has the highest HP of all the classes and the lowest knockback. Again with the zombie training, these ones would be on the front lines helping push towards the humans.
          • Zombine, don't. There is nothing good about it.
        • If you don't think you can kill someone on your own, call for help. Hop on your mic and try to rally up zombies and tell them exactly where the humans are. If you don't have a mic, chat works too, but not as well as not everyone pays attention to chat.
        • To add to the above point, zombie trains. Red crate is a good example of when to zombie train. Get as many zombies in the game together to kill those 10 humans sitting in the back of the red crate!
        • Patience. Some players will look away for a second, and that is your time to pounce. They will get anxious and bored waiting for zombies to come get them, so they try and look for them themselves. Use that as your time to shine and stab that bastard!
        • Crouching. Do not crouch ever when moving towards a human to try and kill them. You like triple your knockback at that point.
        • When stacking zombies, you can only go 2 high. Once you try and go a 3rd zombie high, you slide right off. Also, don't crouch or spam jump when someone is on your head. It makes life so much more difficult. As soon as they get on your head, let go of your crouch key and let them jump so they get that extra height! Spam jumping is annoying and pointless, as it doesn't give the player on your head and more height.
        That's all i've got right now off the top of my head. Hope this helped at all, @Dead_by_dawn
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        • Dec 27, 2012

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          • May 31, 2012
            Buy admin. Freeze everyone. You can figure it out from there.