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I can not alight the server

Discussion in Counter-Strike: Source started by Leo BRASIL, Apr 2, 2011

  1. Mar 6, 2011
    a connection to the steam vac server could not be made for troubleshooting network issues please click passing game info the linh below
  2. Aug 18, 2006
    Which server? Can you connect to GunGame? Im trying to fix this issue now and I'm using GunGame to test it.
  3. Mar 6, 2011
    Nome: Escape Zombie: PlagueFest.com - FastDL
    Game: Counter Strike Source Browse: Counter Strike Source Servers Jogo: Counter Strike Source Browse: Counter Strike Source Servidores
    Address: Port: 27015 Status: Alive Endereço: Port: 27015 Status: Alive
    Server Manager: spar13 ( claim server ) Server Manager: spar13 ( servidor de crédito )
  4. Aug 18, 2006
    Posts GunGame :: Turbo Deathmatch :: PlagueFest.com - FastDL
  5. Mar 6, 2011
    This menssagem giving the same, I'll be waiting, derepente but later I can not access the server. thanks
    PS. I am huge fan of your server
  6. Aug 18, 2006
    Can you try again now, please?
  7. Mar 6, 2011
    I'm not getting still with the same menssagem but thanks for your help.
  8. Aug 18, 2006
    Investigating more...
  9. Mar 6, 2011
  10. Aug 18, 2006
    Try again please.
  11. Apr 2, 2011
    I was having the same problem joining the Zombie Escape server, I don't have a steam copy of Counter Strike and can't connect to any of those servers, this now seems to be the problem for this server as well :frown:
  12. Aug 18, 2006
    Did you try the server I listed above just now? I have a possible fix in place. Please join to verify.
  13. Mar 6, 2011
    I can connect to several servers but only one I connect to sewrser fastdl. do not know if this server and its domain, but I'll be waiting.
  14. Aug 18, 2006
    Sigh. GunGame :: Turbo Deathmatch :: PlagueFest.com - FastDL

    Please connect to this server again to verify if it works now.
  15. Mar 6, 2011
    Ray worked on now I'll try ze
  16. Mar 6, 2011
    ZE no
  17. Mar 6, 2011
    RAY want to thank first of all by the attention given to me, I could access the server ze, now I'm happy like paint in the trash.
    post closed
  18. Apr 2, 2011
    problem solved
  19. Mar 6, 2011
    Pouji thanks for the tip
  20. Mar 6, 2011
    Thanks, sorry for english