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I didn't wanna sleep anyways

Discussion in The No Count Section started by Kloud, Apr 16, 2013

  1. Apr 3, 2013
    So earlier today, i went on Facebook and the first thing i saw was about North Korea planning to fire a missile towards Sweden, i wanted to read about it, and i click the link. Seemed legit until the screen turned white for 2 seconds and later that face from Scary Maze Game or The Exorcist came up and screamed at me. I only got terrified because i had maximum volume on and i sat pretty close to the screen.

    tl;dr I opened up a screamer with maximum volume
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    • Nov 19, 2010
      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH! That happened to me freaking 3 times.. And just look at my sig's GIF lols
    • Dec 27, 2012
      I was looking at a video full of cute puppies beacuse I wanted to take a break from the game SCP - Containment Breach.
      Guess what happened.:crying:
    • Apr 3, 2013
      This almost recently happened again:

      Was bored and decided to browse through top rated images, after scrolling through a bunch of pony posts and whatnot, i find this post marked with NSFW. I didn't wanna open it (You have to open it to reveal whats inside), but curiosity made me wanna open it. I opened it, and it didn't load, was just blank. I noticed it had loads of comments and clicked the comments tab to see what it said. Well.. the screen loaded with another scary freaking face and only loaded half the screen before i exited out.
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      • May 18, 2012
        Same thing happened to me, half an hour ago, fucking facebook...
      • Mar 5, 2013
        anyone have those links?

        I wanna scare my mom
      • Apr 3, 2013
        This shit happened to me again ._.

        Was on facebook again, a few thousand people shared this video, i click it. 20 seconds in i say: You know what? I'm just gonna turn my volume down a bit and take away my headset.
        About a few seconds later that screamer i expected came up.