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I feel way better now

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Super Mario, Sep 8, 2013

  1. Oct 17, 2011
    Jesus Christ, after all the struggles i went through the past 2 weeks, i feel way better now. I haven't been the on the zm server for a while( maybe one hour last week) which is unusual and right now, i am sure i will be able to play again like i did in the past.

    I had my first varsity scrimmage soccer game for high school 2 weeks ago which was one of my most challenging moments in my life. I wanted to showcase my skills in front of everyone and be one of the most known players on the team as a striker. The game was very challenging and we won 2-1 with me scoring the second PK goal. But at the last minute of the game, i had a big incident where i was pushed into the post, cut my chin wide opened and knocked 2 of my teeth out when i was going to shoot. It sucks that i never got to know who pushed me since they were from another school and they left was i was lying on the ground bleeding without an apology for pushing me. The big problem was the school that left me bleeding without even calling the ambulance. I had to wait for my aunt 20 minutes to come from her work and take me to the hospital bc the school said they needed a parent or guardian to provide care which is a big lie.

    The second big shit that happened was the shitty hospital that left me on the bed with no care at all for one hour.They do take our insurance and they did nothing. I was left bleeding the whole time until they said they would take me to another hospital where the doctor will stitch me. They were stupid enough to send us to a doctor who was only a dentist to do me stitches and doesn't take our insurance. The dentist was so nice that he stitched my chin and stopped it from bleeding for free even though it wasn't his job.

    Yup, it was the worst day ever. It will take me a month now to fix my teeth with one appointment every week. Last week i did root canal which costed 2000 dollars and the school payed for that and it hurts like shit. My aunt's job is to sue the high school for not calling the ambulance or taking me to the hospital themselves and sue the hospital for not providing care and leaving me bleeding there for an hour and sending us to the wrong place.

    All i have to say is that if you play a sport, you better watch yourself and most importantly your teeth because they're something that you will lose for the rest of your life. They are also your worst pain that you will ever have and a lot of money to fix. Gladly, I will be able to play soccer again starting tomorrow :grin:

    Pics of me looking like a homeless person:
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    • Feb 27, 2012
      One of my friends got kicked right in the face by a player once. The guy was probably 6foot 5inches, my friend is about 5foot 10inches. They were both going for the ball, and the guy deliberately jumped up and kicked him in right above the eye, and they just called it an accident. The guy didn't apologize or anything either. He knew what he did and walked away. My friends eye was bruised all pretty colours for a week or two.
    • Dec 27, 2012
      I'm glad you feel better yet am sorry for the incident. The LEAST the player who did it to you would be to apologize, and he didn't even do that. I've been through the same thing about the hospital event, they're all full of shit sometimes. Still, glad you still have the will to continue play soccer, something you obviously love to do. Many would quit had they been in your seat.

      See you in game.:wave:
    • Mar 30, 2012
      Damn. Thank god we don't have healthcare that shitty over here at Finland.
      That's just fucking wrong. Jesus.

      Well, at least you're fine now, eh?
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      • Feb 3, 2012
        Glad to hear you're better now. See you back in on ZM!
      • Feb 11, 2012
        So it seems my Canadian magic is working on you ^_^
        You're mine now haha!

        @Super Mario dayuum bro thats a mighty gash..Glad everything is going ok now..I hate pricks like that, that just walk away. something like this happened to me when I played soccer a little while ago. It was a knee on knee collision, i'm only around 5 foot 6 and this guy was tall well over 6 feet and I swear he went for my knee he got and walked away while I was hurting. Later on we were near each other and I said to him that fucken hurt! Not pissed or anything but was kinda just saying it..and he was like "didn't hurt me" which kinda made me think, when you do shit that you know your gonna do its not gonna hurt you. Like if you punch yourself in the arm it won't really hurt cuz you know it's coming but if it was someone else from surprise..
      • Jul 8, 2012
        Damn man, that sucks.

        I was a goalie (starter for varisty and the such) 2 years on JV and 2 on Varisty and I took hits like that all the time where the player would just walk away.

        Granted being a goalie I could also do the same, and I have given out my fair share of hits. But I always helped the dude up, and did not do more then was really needed in the heat of the moment.
      • Feb 19, 2011
        That's New Jersey for you!!

        Get well soon!