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I need help..

Discussion in Mapping Discussion started by cuttylicious, Mar 9, 2018

  1. Oct 24, 2015
    So i been working on some maps ever since I released the paniclicious map but i can't find the creativity to finish up on any of them. I need help or advice in ways to get more creative, what do you do to become more creative?? Anyway I would love to finish at least one of these maps as soon as possible so we can have more diversity in map selections. Also if you guys have any ideas for themes or anything that would pertain to a map style let me know, my mind has been so blank lately.

  2. Apr 26, 2015
    That feel when no ones still made a Mario Kart Rainbow Road surf map.
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    • Dec 17, 2007
      Space themes, i don't think there's really any map for ZM that has a good space theme. Or could possibly do an underground theme map with like caves or something to that effect. And I always get inspiration after I get drunk, just a little hint.
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      • Aug 6, 2016
        Didn't Tony make that one map, that one time? Can't really remember. Only remember it being non memorable. :sarcastic:
      • Jan 5, 2014
        Maybe it's worth taking a bit of a break? I find that occasional downtime (whether mental/emotional/physical) can be great for restarting that creative/productive flow.
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        • May 31, 2012
          There are a couple of ideas in old threads :smile: Ideas For New ZE Map? and I Wanna Be Involved (also want to give myself a shout-out for suggesting a Harry Potter map long before its popularity).

          I have some more ideas like taking some Zombie Escape maps and converting them into Zombie Mod versions, which I asked about in ZM Mako and Harry Potter, but I wouldn't limit it to these two. I would imagine editing these maps into a Zombie Mod version would take a lot less work than creating a map from scratch, and so you could more easily get a few projects rolling and finished.