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I need List of Admin Commands

Discussion in CS:S Zombie Escape started by Vikas, Sep 9, 2013

  1. Sep 9, 2013
    Hello All,
    I am new to plaguefest coummunity (Zombie-Escape and Zombie-Mod).
    I have read all the rules for Global and Admin sections.

    Please give me list of all Admin commands and also tell how to use them.

    You help is deeply welcome
  2. Feb 24, 2011
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    • Dec 27, 2012
      I take it you haven't been trained yet? You will have to wait before someone of the Lead Server Admins starts the training session with you. The LSA training you will tell you everything you need to know. Add all of the LSA listed in your previous thread posted by Lystina and give them a message that you need to be trained.

      EDIT: Remember that you should not use any commands or act as an admin before you have been trained properly.
    • Apr 3, 2013
      What Luffaren and that guy above said, you need to add one of the LSA's to train you.
    • Mar 12, 2008

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      • Oct 6, 2012
        Lol @Taters and Bro no worries everyone had to train for admin, dont rush ur self. ohh and welcome hehe
      • Mar 30, 2012
        Dis gona be gud.
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        • Aug 12, 2012
          you will need the training first newbie :grin:
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          • Feb 3, 2012
            You will need to add a trainer first and then they will go over the commands with you.

            On the servers, I wouldn't try to use them until you are trained.
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            • Sep 9, 2013
              I am now trained,
              Topic can be locked

              Thanks to Detnator [pF] and all other Admins