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Discussion in CS:S Zombie Mod started by Clearly Trying, Jan 19, 2016

  1. Jun 14, 2012
    Would it be possible to offer some sort of incentive for players who have been in the server longer then "x months". for example if someone has played in the server for 6months they can unlock a skin for no fall damage. If a person reaches 1 year, they get a boosted jump. Obviously not every perk as to ruin Donator position. But maybe something new to change things up.

    I understand if this is a bad idea.

    Maybe not even a skin with cool features. What if we can just get a skin to recognize old/regular players. Bad idea? Just shootin the shit. See you all in ZM :grin:

    ** i meant to post this in "Server Suggestions and Bugs". Apologies.
    Clearly Trying, Jan 19, 2016 Last edited by Clearly Trying, Jan 19, 2016
  2. Jan 3, 2013
    Do you mind if I laugh in a manly voice?:giggle:
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    • Jun 14, 2012
      you are a MAN. so laugh away !
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      • Jan 3, 2013
        Do you like girls that have deep voices too?:kiss:

        Like you always said in chat, "clearly the best player here", so why would you need special features or skins?
        Sicachu, Jan 19, 2016 Last edited by Sicachu, Jan 19, 2016
      • Jun 14, 2012
        I don't. But it's so easy for me I feel like other players need it.
      • Jan 25, 2014
        You must not be trying hard enough cause I doubt this would ever happen lol.

        although if they allowed players to nominate maps after so long that would always help
      • Jun 14, 2012
        exactly... giving players the option to nominate even is an idea worth talking about. This morning I was RTVed 4 maps trying to get one everyone enjoyed. Lots of options. Thats fine if it doesnt happen. Just throwin ideas out
      • May 16, 2013
        Gtfo clearly everyone knows I'm the best player here
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