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If you are lagging and own an ASUS MOBO (general internet tips also)

Discussion in Networking started by Grape, Feb 26, 2014

  1. Oct 24, 2013
    Try uninstalling the iControl software that is included in the asus suite.

    I just read that is why I had been having a horrible connection.

    My upload speed for the past few weeks has been ~.4 mbps
    Uninstalling it I am now at ~6 mbps

    Yes 6, not .6, 6.

    666. Nasty nate. devil.
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    • Oct 24, 2013
      Just want to bump this because I feel like it's a big piece of information and a lot of us use ASUS mobos.
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      • Aug 7, 2012
        I haven't installed the asus drivers, but i'm still getting shitty rates on my timewarner connection. gonna switch to AT&T to see if it works out better.
      • Oct 24, 2013
        If your modem/router is fine, possibly it could be the wiring of the house. Possibly a strained splitter.
        You could possibly just need a cable amplifier, instead of just switching companies.
        I have been getting glitchy spikes in lag even though my connection is fine for streaming movies.
      • Nov 20, 2013
        i have problems with my latency, any days is full lag and another days are normal, and my my internet is good and otherwise do not share.
      • Apr 26, 2014

        Bro's, have you tried to see what services are running? I know that malware and viruses can cause these issues. Try running Malware Bytes on your computer to see if it can detect anything.

        Next, what kind of CAT are your ethernet cables? I recommend CAT6 or CAT6e.

        Are you going through a router? 100MB or 1GB?

        There are many things that can tie into slow internet. Maybe your NIC Is getting old and losing power to it. Let me know how old your system is
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        • Feb 21, 2007
          interesting. what was the reasoning for that software causing the slowdown? Was it capping your inbound network?
        • Oct 24, 2013
          I do not know exactly why it does this but for whatever reason it manages the different processes internet connectivity poorly.
          I did read they have supposedly patched it in the newest bios utilities but it's not even really useful to have.
          Post Merged, Jul 17, 2014
          Cat5 and Cat6 won't make a huge difference that you will notice it by switching cables. Your whole house is probably wired cat5 for it's phone lines and your ethernet cables, and your tv uses a thing called RG6/RG59 coax cable that brings everything to your house and usually provides your home with the service. So if you just changed maybe 6 feet of wire it's not going to do anything. If your house was wired with CAT6 cable you would maybe see it.
          The only difference between cat5 and cat6 is cat6 has a plastic spine a lot of times running down the center of the wire pairs. The wire pairs inside have a slightly thicker insulation rubber coating them then a CAT5 wire would.
          They have the same amount of wires and thickness of copper, but the insulation is thicker and the way the wire is twisted inside of the main rubber insulation coat is slightly different.
          So in short cat5 and cat6 will not help him.

          I think it is probably your host or coming from your service incoming signal.
          If your signal coming to your house is fine, then the next step is to look at your modem.
          The modem which is provided a lot of times by the ISP can occasionally go bad as they are reused and given to new customers.
          If the modem is ok then try checking the router.

          To check your router or modems connectivity---
          A orange light next to the your wire means there is communication between the pieces of equipment (like a router to a computer)
          A green light means there is service and internet or network communication. (service into the house is ok, then you will have green lights)
          If you have both a green and orange light that means everything is perfect.
          Behind your desktop computer on the motherboard where you connect to the internet you should see a green and orange light too.

          If your modem or router are the cause or you see there is a gap in communication-
          Try connecting the computer directly to the modem, if your problems cease the problem lies within the router somewhere.

          Sometimes though I doubt any of you are doing this, a modem will be in bridge mode or sometimes it needs to be.
          IF your modem is not in bridge mode and you have a wifi signal coming from the modem and wifi signal coming from the router, you will
          most likely lose your internet service the next time your IP resets. This is because they will battle each other for the same IP address.
          If you have a router with wifi, put your modem into bridge mode. This makes the only port on the modem usable, port1 while also turning off the wifi signal coming from the modem.
          Take port 1 to your router and you will transfer all the burden of processes to your routers wifi. Routers and switches relay internet communication
          a lot better than a modem.

          Occasionally something as simple as a squirrel or rodent chewing your cables could cause very small shorts or cuts in the wires insulation that could cause it to malfunction.
          Generally all houses have a coax cable coming in providing service which splits into two wires at a splitter.
          Splitters can occasionally either go bad or be bad. A splitter will have a wire coming for cable and one for internet.

          If you are using DSL your connection is going to be fairly poor as it maxes out at ~1-2mb upload speeds.
          Upload speeds are what really count not your download speed which most dsl maxes out at ~10-20mb download speed.
          If you run net_graph 3 you should see spikes when you lag.
          If you are just getting choppy game play it may be worth learning about your interp rates for CSS.
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