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I'll show you mine if you show me yours

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Taters, Oct 2, 2012

  1. Mar 12, 2008
    Share some recipes that you know of. Let others try and re-create what you like to make!

    I will list a couple recipes of mine, but i use some special equipment, so you might have to find something else to imitate procedure or you'll get get different results or some other shit.

    First off, I have a chicken dish that will make your girlfriend/wife/mother/insertrelationhere wetter than the pacific ocean. I made this when i first got my Mortar/pestle, and i was forced to cook using a toaster oven exclusively. Easy and quick recipe, and it makes a great lunch/dinner. It has been my favorite recipe ever since.

    Lavender-Peppercorn Crusted Chicken Breast

    • Mortar and Pestle (Note will explain this lower down)
    • Meat Thermometer (Optional)
    • Tin Foil
    • Knife (Optional)
    • Lavender, dried (Most supermarkets carry it)
    • Multi-colored peppercorns (Usually called Peppercorn Medley. You can use pre-cracked black pepper as well if you wish)
    • Chicken Breast(s)
    • 1 or 2 Large Eggs, Beaten, not whipped
    • Sea Salt, or Kosher Salt (table salt if you're a dirty, arrogant peasant)
    • Breadcrumbs, Unseasoned. (You can use panko, but it might come up slightly crispier or completely different)
    NOTE: Mortar and pestle will break down the dried herbs/salt crystals to a fine powder, this allows it to mix easier and won't have a grainy/bumpy texture. When it's powdered or broken down into smaller bits, it releases flavor and makes your dish taste better. This is a very handy tool and i recommend everyone use one when they can. Some have a glossy finish and others are very rough-like. Some are shallow and wooden, I DO NOT recommend those for herb grinding, you will get shit everywhere. If you want to get one, find one that is not too deep, not too wide. You want to keep shit IN the mortar, not the outside. The one in the picture up there is the one i use, it was ~$12 and i use it whenever i cook. DO NOT WASH THESE. They are washable, but treat these the same as a cast iron pan before seasoning it: Wash it when you first get it, do not wash it EVER afterwards. The previous spices/oils will rub off on future grindings, and you will always have a unique flavor to work with. You can, however, tap out/dust it out after each grinding.


    • Using the Mortar and pestle, grind down 1 Tablespoon, (or to taste) of sea salt into a fine powder, the finer the better. Empty salt into separate, smaller bowl.
    • Take 2 Tablespoons of lavender, and grind them up as best as you can. The Herb will be somewhat powdered, and a little fibrous, it cannot be completely powdered. This is fine, as when it cooks, it won't be tough to chew. If you don't own a mortar and pestle, you can "rub" the lavender with the palms of your hands to break it down, but you will lose much of the essential oil that makes this dish taste great. It will make your hands smell wonderful for the rest of the day, however. Anyways, Add to bowl.
    • You may use a pepper mill to crack the black pepper as it will be easier. Crack 2 tablespoons, or enough to season (to taste) however many chicken breasts you plan to cook. Add to bowl. Once all three are in the bowl, mix them slightly.
    By now you should have a seasoning mix that is good for use on just about any meat, ranging from Beef shoulder cuts, to Pork Shoulder and as a chicken (duh) or fish rub. Use that shit on everything.

    • Prepare your oven/toaster oven to 375 Degrees Farenheit (190 celcius) and coat an oven pan with aluminum foil for easy cleanup/removal.
    Remove any fat/cartilage from the chicken breast and pat it dry with a paper towel to prepare it for coating.

    • Coat the chicken breast in the beaten egg with one hand, and use the other hand to lightly season it with the spice mixture on both sides, and rub it in gently. Coat the breast in breadcrumbs on both sides now and repeat for other pieces. It is very important that you do not contaminate your seasoning mix. Discard any leftover breadcrumbs.
    • Once your cooking apparatus is hot, shove your coated breast(s) in the over. For two, it should be roughly 45 minutes, this is what the thermometer is for. You can use a knife to cut in the thickest part of the breast to check for done-ness, but you might lose valuable juices by doing that.
    While the chicken is cooking, you can prepare some green beans, steamed veggies, or even steam some rice. you've got plenty of time to make some side dishes if you want.

    • After the chicken is done, remove from the pan and set on a plate, cover with tin foil for 5 minutes. This will allow the chicken to rest and redistribute juices so you don't lose them all over the plate.

    Next at bat, is a wonderful little abomination called a Ramelette. It takes form of an omelette, but instead of just being plain old egg, Ramen noodles have been introduced. This gives it a different texture, and will fill you up more. Best as dinner or late lunch. You need to have an open-minded approach to this one, as it does not sound at ALL bad is you think it does. The noodles on the outsides get crispy, and the inside stays hot and chewy.

    The Ramelette

    • Pot
    • Frying pan
    • Fork
    • 2 or 3 eggs, large or extra large
    • 1 or 2 Package-style Ramen, not the cup-style (Any flavor that you want the omelette to taste like. Creamy chicken tastes really good for this)
    • Salsa (Optional)
    • Sour Cream (Optional)
    • Chives (?) I don't fucking know, cooking is experimenting. Look at this recipe!
    The best part about this is how much it fills you up. If you use 2 packages of ramen, you can easily split half of this with someone and still have it be really filling.

    NOTE: If you use 1 package, use 1-2 eggs. If you use 2 packages, use 3 eggs. This ensures you get enough egg coverage for the noodles, so they all combine and don't get crispy and burnt on one side/etc.
    • Prepare the ramen as usual, boil in water for 3 minutes. Heat frying pan to medium-high heat while the noodles are boiling. While the frying pan is heating,
    • Add the ramen seasoning mix to a small bowl, add a VERY small amount of water, enough to just combine it and mix the seasoning. This will allow it to blend easier and wont form clumps in the Ramelette. You may add chopped onions, chopped cilantro, or chopped _____ at this point. Mix with the seasoning, and crack the eggs in the bowl. Beat them up with the seasoning mixture.
    • DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE WHIP THE EGGS. they will get too much air in them and it will come out way too light. This has a higher chance of burning while they cook.
    • The next part is a little tricky, and this can make or break your Ramelette.

    • The frying pan should be ready now. Melt a small amount of butter inside the pan, and when it is ready, immediately add the noodles to the pan and spread them out with a wooden spatula/spoon. Next, pour the eggs mixture on top of the noodles and quickly combine them together.Spread them into a layer, and wait roughly 3 minutes for the bottom to cook. It will "tell you when it's ready" when you can lift the edges and slide it around a little in the pan. Once the top is set enough, you can try to be fancy (Not recommended unless you are me) and do a pan-flip to cook the other side. If you aren't feeling very lucky, you can still fold it in half at this point, and flip it over that way. Another way is to slide it onto a plate carefully, and then use the plate to flip it back into the pan. Either way, cook it for another 3 mins until you can lift the edges and slide it around. Keep it in the pan longer if you want the noodles to get crisper.
    Once you've plated it, add whatever toppings you like on it. My favorite is Salsa and sour cream. Make sure to put the sour cream on top of whatever your choices are, or it will melt and get everything soggy.

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      Taters, Oct 2, 2012 Last edited by Taters, Oct 2, 2012
    • Jan 27, 2011
      1800 PIZZA-HUT
      Call and ask for a large sausage and mushroom pizza.
      mine is easier
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      • Nov 29, 2010
        Ramlettes. Low effort and delicious

        Any flavour ramen
        2 Eggs
        1/4 an onion
        3 Mushrooms
        1 Piece of Garlic
        1 Teaspoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
        1 Tablespoon of butter

        1) Boil the ramen and use 1/2 of the flavour packet, don't overcook the ramen as it'll make your ramlette a little too soft. Strain afterwards.

        2) Heat a large, non-stick pan, and add butter

        2) While you wait for the water to boil/pan to heat/ramen to cook, dice the onions, mushrooms and garlic.
        *How to tell if the pan is perfect to cook with, pour a drop of water onto the pan and if it immediately starts sizzling, it's good to cook with.
        3) Sautee all the diced vegetables together under high heat until the onions are slightly transparent. Remove, and put them aside for later.

        4) Beat the eggs in a small bowl and add the olive oil and the rest of the ramen packet. Then add the noodles. (You can add a dash of milk for a little extra flavour variety)

        5) Reheat the pan once again to medium heat (5-7) and fry for about 3-5 minutes, once the ramlette starts to become loose from the pan, you're getting close to flipping it, lift it with a fork to check and if it's a golden brown, take a spatula and flip. Grate cheese on top of the ramlette and let it cook for another few minutes.

        6) Once both sides are a golden brown, place onto pan and put the cooked vegetables on top.
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        • May 8, 2011
          Fried egg, super yummy and easy lol
        • Aug 1, 2011
          Misleading title :frown:
          I'm disappointed now.
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          • Nov 6, 2011
            corn tortilla chips, el pato sauce, chicken, cheese.....

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