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I'm Goatsex

Discussion in Introductions started by Goatsex, Jun 6, 2018

  1. Jun 4, 2018
    My real name is Joel, I'm "x" years old and I live in south Spain, so I'm probably Spanish or a British greedy rich immigrant who loves "chiringuitos" on the beach and good climate. I gotta say gaming forms big part of my life since a kid, on 1998 parents bought me my first modern computer that enabled me to play games. Games like Delta Force and Combat Flight Simulator were the wow factor back then, even multiplayer on 56k... I've been playing CS since 2003/2004ish and has been one of my favourite shits to waste my lifetime on, I study 3D arts and planning to get into CS:S mapping soon too as I find it interesting and fun at same time. I'm currently unemployed so you might already guess I'm Spanish, although selling drugs at high schools is my main source of money I'm a quite decent person. Unfortunately married since 2008, the wife answers to the name of "Carmen" (when she feels like it), funny cause her family lives in countryside and father is a goat herder.. My stupid nick came from a joke we did between friends back around 12 years ago and since then I've used it for gaming...

    Go-at-sex! got sex? a goatse, goat sex.
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    • Aug 13, 2017
      It is most certainly a strange name lol. Welcome to the community :smile:

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      • Apr 26, 2015

        So you and your friends would have a go at the local farm. Gotcha.
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        • Jun 17, 2014
          That poor goat...
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          • May 28, 2017
            Welcome man! I'm a new guy as well, so nice to meet you :wave:
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            • Dec 29, 2016
              I heard you like cows more than goats... is that true?
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              • Jul 27, 2008
              • Feb 1, 2011
                wow what an intro

                welcome to you
              • Oct 25, 2012
                What a weird name............you'll fit right in welcome