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Independence Day Cookout ideas please...

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Nayr, Jun 29, 2013

  1. Apr 24, 2012
    Im hosting a 4th of July Cookout and I would like some input from the plague fest crowd. Anybody have any great grill or recipe ideas?
  2. Nov 11, 2011
    BBQ + A1 sauce.
  3. Dec 6, 2011
    Pulled pork marinated in root beer and barbeque sauce on buns. We've been doing it at every party we host for years. Everyone loves them.
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    • Jul 28, 2011
      I recently tried some chicken marinated in coke for the first time. I admit it sounds weird, but I am now convinced that anything soaked in soda is delicious. I will have to try that pulled pork and root beer sometime.
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      • Apr 24, 2012
        That pulled pork sounds bangin Brett, im definetly gonna add that to the menu!
      • Sep 14, 2008
        I love these kinds of holidays. BBQ's are delicious! :grin:
      • Apr 24, 2012
        They are delicous! Any ideas?
      • Nov 11, 2011
        Wait, really? What kind of coke and is it mixed with rum or jack daniels or something? I want to give this a try.
      • Apr 24, 2012
        yeah, prolly would be good with some bourbon mixed in or on the side... lol
      • Dec 6, 2011
        IMPORTANT! This really only works well with root beer! And it MUST be all natural, the chemicals and artificial shit in the Coke/regular A&W or Barq's doesn't work with well! I did Jones' All Natural Cane Sugar Root Beer, but there's a ton of options (hint: check out your local Whole Food's/Trader Joe's).
      • Mar 12, 2008
        I have many recipes. If you're looking for specifics let me know and i'll share my knowledge and ideas.

        Salt+ pepper only on quality beef cuts (Strip steak/ribeye/sirloin) Try not to use seasoned salt. Rub the seasoning into the meat. Yes, RUB that shit in with your hands. It also tenderized the cuts.
        Citrus goes well with chicken/fish (you can marinate for 30 mins and get away with it)
        Sauce-type Marinades work wonders on pork (this marination works 110% better when done overnight)

        For fish, I have an easy recipe that will also make it easier to cook and serve. This works for fish that are in fillet form, or have been scaled and have the skin still on. (some people like to eat fish skin. idk. I don't recommend easing freshwater fish skin, only ocean fish skin.)
        1. Get heavy duty tin foil (this is so it doesn't burn on the grill)
        2. Center fish (whole and scaled or fillet) in middle of foil
        3. Slice a small lemon wedge and squeeze it over the fish, leave the squeezed lemon inside the foil
        4. season the fish however you want
        5. fold up the sides and start to wrap it up but don't seal it yet
        6. add a tablespoon of water and seal the fish package, but not too tight. You should have a somewhat loose envelope with crimped sides so no juices get out.
        7. cook on grill for 10-12 minutes. Do not flip. Keep the "opening" side up at all times.
        You can even serve the fish inside the package for the eater to unwrap. The water will steam, and the package acts as a mini-steamer/oven. The lemon oil that comes off the spent lemon wedge will also give the fish an amazing flavor. The lemon juice itself gets "cooked" and it's sweetness comes out. Cooking is like magic.

        Obligatory Grilling tips of Great Success incoming:

        • Don't cross-contaminate. This will get you sick. Use separate utensils to cook/serve meat.
        • Don't let different species touch while on the grill. They can still cross-contaminate. If you have a large platter, wait untill everything has finished the "cool down" before you arrange it. (Cool down is 10 mins for juices to re-distribute, and so there isn't a pool of mixed juices on the serving tray)
        • Don't let frozen meats thaw on the counter-top. This accelerates bacterial growth and will give you the ultimate form of the runs.

        • DO have a beer or two while grilling (this is optional). No more, No less. The cook needs to be focused. The cook also gets hot when he's at work.
        • DO have an orange or two for seasoning meat. sliced oranges placed on top of steaks add sweetness wen they are cooked down, and oranges squeezed on top of cooking meat give them a sweet crust if they're seared properly.
        • DO have a good time. Grilling is the mecca of cooking and is mad fun when you are entertaining a group.

        Cook beef steaks to medium (and medium well if you are a woman, or a lady-man) and you won't need steak sauce. I promise you this. A1 is a blight, and you taste the sauce instead of that expensive steak you grilled.

        Cook chicken/pork all the way through to 165 degrees. Chicken cooks well when it's butterflied, pork tends to burn easily since the meat is fattier. Do not mess around when it comes to this. If you don't have a meat thermometer, or are unsure, cook it longer.

        Let anything that comes off the grill sit for 10 minutes so the juices don't spill out when you cut it (Only applies for steaks/chicken/pork) Hotdogs/burgers/veggies are ready to go right off the grill.

        If you are doing kabobs, cut the meat you have into square-inch cubes (top sirloin makes the best kabob meat, cut slightly smaller cubes for other tougher cuts), season (a little bit of just salt and pepper will do), then alternate bell pepper, onion, meat, onion, bell pepper, onion, meat, onion (The onion caramelizes during cooking and sweetens the meat) like the diagram below. Add or subtract as much veggies/meat as you like. Even seasoned veggie kabobs are delicious. Cap it off with a button mushroom for some vitamin D or a cherry tomato for swag and dat sweet, sweet lycopene (that shit lowers risk of cancer!). If someone doesn't like onions, well I guess you can always remove them before serving.

        I think that covers all the bases. Oh and after everyone is done eating, wrap any leftovers and put them in the fridge ASAP.
      • Apr 24, 2012
        Thanks taters, I appreciate the great recipes!
      • Feb 19, 2011
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        • Dec 7, 2012
          What's up, Nayr! So you need some idea's for a cookout or some recipe's. I'll leak out some of my ghosted recipe's and hopefully it will help!
          ghosted maple baby back ribs
          Ingredients for each slab: half a teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of black pepper, half a teaspoon of cinnamon, half a teaspoon of paprika, a teaspoon of garlic finely chopped, one teaspoon of olive oil and maple syrup (regular pancake maple syrup and not lite maple syrup)
          Preparation: The day before the cook out, you will need to marinade the ribs to get the gaminess out of the pork! Marinade with all ingredients besides the maple syrup. Each slab will need to be wrapped tight in aluminum foil or plastic wrap individually!
          Cooking time: About 50 mins. to an hour at medium heat over the grill or till fully cooked! After 50 mins. to an hour or fully cooked, brush the ribs with maple syrup every 5 mins. about 3 times before cut and server. Be careful with the maple syrup because it will easily burn if the heat is too high.
          ghosted grilled shrimps
          Ingredients for about 20 medium size jumbo shrimps: four tablespoon of olive oil, two tablespoon of finely chopped garlic, a hand full of parsley chopped, half a teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of black pepper and one lemon. Optional: one jalapeno pepper finely chopped!
          Preparation: Marinade shrimps with all ingredients in the refrigerator for about 30 mins. before cooking.
          Cooking time: About 2-3 mins. each side at medium heat on the grill! (best to use kebab sticks, will be easier to turn over shrimps when grilling)
          ghosted pineapple peachy martini
          Ingredients: canned pineapples, canned peaches, grey goose vodka, water and ice
          Preparation: You will need a blender. Equal amount of canned pineapples and peaches with the juices in the blender! Add some cold water but not too much, add vodka and add ice! Blend till smooth and server.

          Hopefully this will help!
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