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Interested in new MMO

Discussion in Gaming started by Brett, Sep 8, 2012

  1. Dec 6, 2011
    As some of you may know, I've played Runescape for quite a while. I cannot seem to leave it, even though I've hated it immensely at times, possibly because I started playing it when I was about 8 years old, and haven't stopped. Although, the new shit that's been happening, has just had me furious with it. After Jagex was taken over by new management not too long ago, they've been in the "gimme money" business. Creation of the 'Squeal of Fortune' (something you buy with real money for random in game items/large amounts of xp), and a premium item shop called 'Soloman's General Store' are just some of the new bullshit updates that have been an attempt to gain more profits from the community. I won't go into too much detail about these, but they're practically ruining the game, as about 75% of the Runescape community may also agree. The icing on the cake is this new thing called the 'Evolution of Combat', which is a sad attempt at attracting a broader audience to Runescape by making the combat system a "key-bind-mashing" mania. They explain that this is the only way to keep Runescape up to date with the MMO world apparently, and there's no other way around this. I'm hoping to be done with combat before this, but realizing that these updates won't cease, I've decided that it's about time to stop giving into this crap anyway.

    The purpose of this thread is to find a new MMO that isn't necessarily in relation to Runescape, but has the idea of constant updates and not just making a new game after 2-3 years (I'm considering WoW, and possibly going back to Tera). What would you guys suggest as a MMO to give a shot at with the aforementioned criteria in mind? I'm open to mostly anything, but I think it's going to be really fucking hard to make this transition. The reason being that I've been playing Runescape for about 10 years now, and have 410 days played on my main, and 105 days played on my pure that I played from 08-10.

    The stats of my main (current name: 157x):
    View attachment 3437

    With only a few quests left, most minigames fully completed, over 3,000 pvp kills, and about 2.9billion gp worth (calculated last week). I've also ran a clan for 2 years on World 157, up until it was removed.

    It's sad to see so much work go to waste and not finish up for a completionist's cape, but I refuse to play with any more of the bullshit updates they are spewing out just to gain better profits.

    So once again, feel free to suggest any type of on-going MMO, I'm hoping to move onto something I can enjoy for a long time.

    EDIT: It'd be helpful to provide a little bit of information/background on it as well if you can, I'd like to know a little about something before I try it.
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  2. Jun 20, 2012
    Brett, I would suggest either WOW or GW2. I played WOW since it's release and I have always found myself returning to it for months at a time, although I currently have too many med classes to play it anymore. WOW has had its ups and downs such as cataclysm which didn't really do it for many people, but the next expansion is likely to get some pretty good praise. Unlike runescape, WOW is a bit more capped. In other words, you can practically beat WOW with enough time and effort. So unless you enjoy making alts of different classes and specs, it can get a bit boring at times. But still it has te best MMO track record.

    Gw2 is also very popular as I'm sure someone else will point out. From reviews I've read and what I've heard, it's def worth trying out. Ive played other MMOs like fallen earth an aion, but I'm fairly positive that gw2 is set apart as a much better game. If I had time, I would Deff get it.

    Those are the only 2 I'd suggest. If you were willing to work that hard for your runscape stats, im sure you would do well in either game. But do yourself a favor and don't stray too far away into generic land, where MMOs look good but just become a money pit.
  3. Oct 29, 2010
    Going to be honest with you, I stopped reading here.

    Try GW2, it's quite a refreshing take on the MMO genre.
  4. Dec 6, 2011
    That's my main concern in starting a new one, because of capping so quickly. In Runescape, you have to literally work for years to be maxed out, and probably another year for completionist's cape, and another for trimmed completionist's cape. Another problem I'm probably going to face, is not having too many people to play with. It's the main reason why I cancelled my Tera subscription, I was just getting quest after quest, and killing 'this amount of this' and 'this amount of that'.

    If I don't renew my Tera subscription before it ends, my first option will be WoW, just because of it solely being around for so long and maturing over time. Still might give GW2 and Diablo 3 a chance as well.
  5. Jun 18, 2012
    Nice Brett that you've been playing Runescape for so long. I was done with it once I grew about 11 but in my opinion it's possibly one of the best MMO's outthere. Good quests and back in the days it was balanced and there was always something to do.

    As for Mmo's I've also played Aion and wasn't to interested in it. I used to play Perfect World, which was quite populair for about 3-4 years but has died out the past months. At the moment it seems like Forsaken World is a good mmorpg, it's kinda like Perfect World but the makers (the same as from PW) spoil the shit out off you. Besides that I heard that game. Torchlight 2, is VERY good?
  6. Jan 30, 2011
    I've played several different MMO's in the past, from runescape - like you, to WoW, some F2P's, and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

    I thoroughly enjoyed playing retail World of Warcraft since TBC expansion came out, had a few level 80's during the WOTLK expansion as well. But with the new mechanics that they brought out with Cataclysm, it is just a lot more complicated to play now IMO with the different mechanics now involved in boss fights during raids and even dungeons/instances; but the leveling is fun, and the PvP kept me interested for a few months after Cata released. But due to financial probs, and the fact that Cata broke the tank'n'spank, I had to quit playing.

    Now TOR (the old republic), I prepurchased that game a few weeks before it released, and it was probably the best investment I had ever made. Granted, I did only buy the standard edition, yet with the full voice-overs, the story that is involved, plus the fact it was created by Bioware and Lucasarts was something else. Only once had I played Bioware games, and those were KOTOR, and ME. Also the fact that it was SW was a big selling point, lightsabers, troopers, even smugglers and bounty hunters, yep -- that was probably the best game I've ever played. But, like WoW, due to financial issues I couldn't keep up with the subs, causing me to quit the game.
  7. Apr 9, 2012
    Exactly, I have played GW for years, I cannot advice you any other MMORPG. Especially GW2 has nice new systems such as dynamic events and many more right now which I can't immediatly name.
    Not to mention that GW has always pioneered at the level of graphics. This does not change in GW2, where it just kicks WOW graphics the ass (please note that I only reveal my opinion about the graphics between both and not the gameplay).

    Momo has it right
  8. Jun 20, 2012
    Yes, I know what you mean Brett, but you will likely be an alts kind of person and you'll be fine :smile:. Also I agree with @Momo that gw2 is a good idea, although I would also suggest WOW. However, same Ur money and don't get D3. I loved D2 but d3 is short, boring, and jus overall so so
  9. Dec 6, 2011
    Yea, I remember the insane amount of hype for about 2-3 months, then it just disappeared off of the face of the earth when it apparently was a terrible endgame or something.
  10. Jun 20, 2012
    SWTOR is basically WoW in disguise with Jedi. It's also a bit rough around the edges and most people who get it after playing WoW come back to WoW
  11. Oct 29, 2010
    I enjoyed D3 when it launched, and I enjoyed it when I went back after some key updates were put in, but it's not a replacement for an MMO.
  12. May 27, 2008
    It's not maturing over time. The expansions are bringing it down. It's deteriorating over time and isn't as fun as it used to be. They're making some very poor in-game decisions that didn't really appeal to me. You'd get your money's worth out of GW2 because you aren't tied to a subscription fee. Watch the video I posted in this thread and see if it's something you would be interested in.
  13. Jun 20, 2012
    Brett, I would say get a 20lvl trial of WOW which is completely free. If after 20 lvls you are drooling over the game, then it's prob right for you. To get the trial, head to the WOW site and make a battlenet account
  14. Nov 2, 2011
    Perfect World used to be a great mmo but now it turned to pay 2 win. GW2 so far it's pretty awesome and the quests are really different and you actually follow a story for your character. I suggest this.
  15. Jan 30, 2011
    That's what everybody says about every game. WoW doesn't have voice acting, nor the scale of story that TOR has. I admit, it is still rough due to it not being out nearly as long as World of Warcraft. But, if you look at every game, they will all have aspects of WoW due to the latter being the first successful MMO since it's creation. But I would rather not derail this thread with a 'every game is a WoW clone' argument, so just my thoughts.
  16. Dec 6, 2011
    Why isn't it as fun? I thought they just added expansions to it? Or are they updating all of the aspects of the game?
  17. Jun 20, 2012
    I say Peter has some good and some not as good points. With the first two expansion, the game was being improved. Cata was a downer though after some key changes. But blizzard is good at adapting and will do so in MoP. I think the skill tree changes should be a good thing and will likely bring the game back to a skill based gameplay. But like I said... 20lvl trial ftw
  18. Jan 30, 2011
    Well when they release expansions, they change aspects of it. Like with Cata, they took away the tank'n'spank, which made it a lot more difficult to live through the instances and raids. They redid the new leveling areas in the starting two continents, which I admit was a nice change of pace. But with every expansion they release, it is that much more that can be taken away from how the game used to be, the things that kept drawing people in during Vanilla and TBC, majority of Wrath as well, is getting torn away by chunks each time they release a new update and/or expansion.
  19. Oct 29, 2010
    Almost every WoW expansion has drastically changed the way things are done, it's a completely different game now than from when it started.
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    • Jun 20, 2012
      Hmm see I think people forget what vanilla was like. Tank n spank was rare back then in AQ, MC, and BWL. I think wow is actually trying to get back to some of those basics to appeal more to the veterans as well as make some key changes to bring in new blood
      Post Merged, Sep 8, 2012
      Lol, it's still WoW... The boss fights and PvP change but as a result of trying to add more content to the game since people both about the difficulty of some instances and players. That causes blizz to have to make the games easier, which reduces the play time per instances etc, and results in a need for more content. They are upping difficulty in MoP and adding nooby development quests etc to try to develop noobs into actual gamers