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Irrational Games, dev studio for System Shock and Bioshock, shuts down

Discussion in Gaming started by Benderius, Feb 18, 2014

  1. Jun 11, 2012
    Ken Levine is crazy is all I can think of. IPs of Irrational Games are transferred to 2K (publishers of Irrational Games) and he'll be starting a new smaller dev studio (still under Take-2) with 15 people from Irrational games.

    I was sad, I wanted another System Shock after the Bioshock craze. Still, here's hoping to another crazy saga in the [Shock] books since he wants to go back to how the System Shock and Bioshock 1 was created. Leaner dev studios seems to be the new best thing since Respawn, TitanFall, and Cloud Emporium, Star Citenzen, are running with less than 60 people.


    Guess Bioshock Infinite drained him of all of his creative crazyness for more than 15 years. Here's to good placement for the personnels of one of the finest Development Studios to grace gaming. And here's to another Ken Levine crazy epic ride to look forward to.