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It's probably too late, but

Discussion in Introductions started by iProbie, Apr 26, 2012

  1. Apr 1, 2012
    Hello guys, the name's Probie, taken directly from Timothy McGee character from NCIS.
    I just added the i at the front coz I like it.
    at the time this is posted I'm 18, but going to be 19 later this year.
    I'm originally from Indonesia but currently staying in Melbourne, Australia for university education.

    Back then I really loved the Zombie Mod in CS 1.6 and still remembered MercyLeZz made the ZM plugin for AMX servers.
    sadly, there aren't many CS 1.6 players anymore so I decided to move on with CS:S (yes, the sole reason I bought CS:S is for the Zombie Mod with more playerbase).

    after searching for "zombie" in gametracker servers, I'm then redirected to pF around 3-4 weeks ago.
    because I really love it here, I decided to support pF by donating and then decided to try admin 3 days ago.

    I certainly hope to see many of you in-game and that pF will grow quickly and exponentially, with more good maps, better servers, better community in general, better system to improve fun and gameplay and just, better and better.

    well, happy fragging!:party:
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    • Jun 17, 2011
      Hiiiii & welcome to pF! :smile:

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      Celexie, Apr 26, 2012 Last edited by Celexie, Apr 26, 2012
    • Sep 26, 2010
      Glad to have you on board and thanks for your support
    • Feb 20, 2011
      Welcome! Welcome to City 17.
    • May 15, 2011
      Welcome to the forums and the community. :grin: I look forward to seeing you around more often. ^^
    • Nov 2, 2011
      Hai, welcome.
    • Dec 2, 2011
      Come on McGee!!