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It's time I head my separate ways, Farewell.

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Brandon, Sep 11, 2016

  1. Jun 17, 2014
    Hello everyone,

    So quite a few of you have been asking where I've been, and asking why I haven't responded to any messages.

    First, my apologies for the lack of communication on my part. I wasn't able to get back to most of you.

    Those of you who may have been offended, or felt like I was intentionally ignoring you - I had zero intentions on offending y'all.

    I've had 6 of my close friends of mine lost their lives these past 7 days, two of which were being infant baby boys.

    So I had to take some alone time to try clearing my mind the best that I could, Unto which I've failed.

    Experiencing multiple tragedies like this don't settle with me well at all, I feel so uncomfortable its almost scary.

    I've decided to retire the good old faithful CS:S... Which means I have stepped-down and retired from my position as a Level 3 Admin & an active member of the community.

    Reason being is, I'm getting older (And it keeps happening faster, I promise.) and my everyday life responsibilities and priorities, work schedule, ETC are getting more difficult to achieve as the time goes by, and I must accommodate for it.

    With that being said, It's time I begin my journey down another road in life, hopefully I'll find myself right where I need to be, or at least in right direction.

    Thank you to everyone for all the great times and laughs we've shared over the past few years, I'm proud to have been a part of the general shenanigans.

    I've had the privilege of meeting some really great people here, and made some good commendable memories for the book.

    I learned a lot from you guys, hopefully I was able to teach you guys something of value in return.

    I wish the best to each & every single one of you in your future, May your achieve your highest dreams and life goals. Don't ever be afraid to chase them.

    Farewell, y'all.

    @Dani @Caraxes @Disturbed_One @Thor Haz Luck @Oxazebam @Rev @Thanh @Bro's.M
    @Davina♠ #QueenofSalt @dnied @louisville_druglord @Maddest Hatter @adinsx @Isnukamex
    @Aprz @Tony The Tiger @Kables @Momo @Beggar So @DeeKushMan @Lovellly @NSanityHD
    @PeNguiN @Momo @doc watson
    Sorry if I forgot to tag you

    "If you're brave enough to say Goodbye, Life will reward you with a new Hello"
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    • Jan 5, 2014
      I know that feeling man. Hope life's journeys treat you well. I'm sorry about your loss.
    • Feb 27, 2012
      Shit man. Sorry to hear what happened. We will definitely miss you. :heart:

      Don't forget to say hey once in a while too. Hope to see you around again some day!
    • Jun 14, 2016
      Where's the fucking sad/crying emoji when you need one?!???
    • Nov 20, 2013
      Who will scream on mic when I try to kill you? I'm sorry man. We'll miss you, good bye.
    • Jul 13, 2011
      Good luck Brandon, keep your head high and your dick higher, if you catch my drift.

      Surfs up bruh.
    • Jun 14, 2012
      thank fuck
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      • Mar 26, 2012
        I am so sorry to hear about the death of your friends. :frown:

        I hope that we will still talk at least every once in awhile on Steam.

        Take care.
      • Jan 25, 2014
        You definitely werent ignoring me.
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        • Apr 30, 2016
          Bye Bye brandon :frown: I have no daddy dick now :frown: I will miss you. Take Care!
        • Feb 8, 2016
          I just noticed a tag as I opened up PF for the first time in weeks of not being online. After reading (carefully) I do hope things work out for you, Brandon. You've been a great asset to this community and a good friend and mentor to me during my first weeks as an admin and I thank and appreciate that! Hope to hear from you soon though bruh!
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          • Dec 30, 2006
            Send me your 1080's while you're at it.

            Best of luck with your future endeavours. May the force be with you; live long an prosper.
          • Dec 27, 2012
            I'm terribly sorry for your losses. Good luck with your future endeavors, Bapple. Take great care of yourself.
          • Sep 16, 2015