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[Jan 12, 2015] 3 Rounds of 'Last Man Standing' For 25$

Discussion in Events started by doc watson, Jan 12, 2015

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3 Rounds of 'Last Man Standing' For 25$
Zombie Mod
Confirmed Attendees: 3
Start Date: Jan 12, 2015 05:00 PM
End Date: Jan 12, 2015 07:00 PM
Time zone: America/New_York -05:00 EST
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  1. Jul 13, 2008
    3 random rounds of last man standing will take place sometime between 10pm and 12pm GMT (about 4 1/4 hours after this post)


    1) I call the round starting on the first game of a new map
    2) The last person alive will win
    3) If there is more than 1 person alive at the end of the round then there is no winner and westart again on the next round
    4) You will win $25 which requires you to have a paypal account
    5) winner must either post or message me their email account so I can pay them via this thread (i will inform winners of location of thread)
    6) Its my fucking money so the judges decision (thats me..) is final
    7) Nayr is not allowed to play unless he can get Haplo and Josh playing

    Enjoy and see you all later tonight
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    • Jun 19, 2013
      ez money
    • Feb 27, 2012
      Post Merged, Jan 12, 2015
      Event made. I won't be able to make it, i work late tonight :frown: Good Luck everyone! :grin:
    • Jul 13, 2008
      Awwwww sorry tony
    • May 15, 2014
      Nice idea, i would like to join. can i ?
    • Jan 3, 2013
      !hacks on

    • Jul 13, 2008
      hack away sica
    • Jul 13, 2008
      Trigger wins 25$ to you if you give me your email
      Post Merged, Jan 12, 2015
      2nd round won by IU, please message me your paypal email
    • Jul 13, 2008
      last round FROSTY wins.........
      Post Merged, Jan 12, 2015
      Ad Hoc rules but worked well...... soon worked out that zombies could not kill last people for it to rollover..... last round took over an hour........
      Still waiting for FROSTY's paypal email

      Money sent... congrats
      doc watson, Jan 12, 2015 Last edited by doc watson, Jan 12, 2015
    • Jun 20, 2013
      Well im 1000 miles from my pc right now. How about you just send me the $25.
    • Jun 19, 2013
      Who needs a job when you can make money playing CSS??????
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