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[Jan 15, 2014] Taboo event (what will you commit)

Discussion in Events started by RedM00N, Jan 6, 2014

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Taboo event (what will you commit)
Zombie Escape
Confirmed Attendees: 25
Start Date: Jan 15, 2014 08:00 PM
End Date: Jan 15, 2014 10:00 PM
Time zone: America/New_York -05:00 EST
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  1. Jan 30, 2013
    Inb4 done wrong

    In a land far away, there was a place called Isla Bonita. However, one day it was...Ok forget that.
    So these hostiles have made cahoots with our zombies, and are using them to protect whatever the hell it is they have. We need to fight our way thru successfully find whatever it is they are keeping hidden from us, or die trying

    Map will be, ofc ze_taboo_carnation.

    Seeing as how we have yet to beat it(I think), why not give it an official event try. Map's contest ends on the 15 so lets try to get Plaguefest in it!

    Date and Time
    The event will be on January 15th, at 8pm EST

    -General server rules
    -No trolling, you trolls
    - Dont sit in Spectator or go afk as you will be launched to the mooooooonaaaa~

    -3 Donatorships will go towards the two most contributing players.

    One donatorship will be give as a bonus to a randomly chosen player (who hasnt already won) if we happen to beat the map before/on "Squad ID Z2"
    At the time of winning the map, I will do a status->condump. all names, minus the previous winners will be entered, and one will be randomly selected from a generator.

    This be a fun map, and I look forward to your presence; nyaa~

    I'll commit door hugging :3
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      RedM00N, Jan 6, 2014 Last edited by RedM00N, Jan 7, 2014
    • Apr 3, 2013
      oh god
    • May 31, 2012
      Eh... There are 48 possible Squad IDs. The middle one would be... Z3 or A4.

      EDIT: To clarify, that squad ID means 24 tries.
      enviolinador, Jan 6, 2014 Last edited by enviolinador, Jan 6, 2014
    • Jun 4, 2006
      soon as in now? good... good.
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      • Apr 1, 2012
      • Aug 12, 2012
        noooooo going to miss this event also, dam works
      • Apr 9, 2012
        I'm not gonna be there, but about the most points, that not a good idea for non donators as they can randomly be kicked from the server when it's full. So for instance, if a non donor got the most points but gets kicked for donator spot, that's too bad...?
      • Jan 30, 2013
        I don't think non-donators get kicked anymore if they are actively playing, but if they do (do they?), I'll just have to rework the prizes then :<

        Even if they don't, I see your point. If one goes afk for a bit, they could get kicked, and they could just so happen to have the most points. Probably would be best to rework the prizes.
      • Nov 19, 2013
        lol we get kicked even if we are active. It need to close the login on the server or put a pass to make it stop getting kicked because admin or donator join the server. making an event title similar to the donator and admin that will make them not kicked is a solution too.
      • Jan 30, 2013
        Ok, well I'll be making a change to the prizes. Seeing as how non-donators can/may be kicked (thus making the most points one unfair, and I wouldn't want to have the chance of that happening), all three donators will be based off of "contributions to the team"
        Also changed the squad id to Z2, since I couldn't do math properly. Everything shall remain static from here on :koala:

      • Apr 3, 2013
        Too late for most of us europeans. In other words, kloud out
      • Jan 30, 2013
        Casting this now; If anyone else is going to be recording this via demo, or wants to, feel free to do so, but let me know, as I would like to have that recording if we happen to win. (I'd need both rounds being won on that demo.)

        Want to have at least one backup demo since they are known to break.
        Its required for entrance to the map contest :3
      • Nov 17, 2012
        On a weeknight :3 Whyyyyy. I really doubt we will do gud
      • Mar 30, 2012
        I will be recording this with ShadowPlay the entire time.

        No, there won't be a demo.
        Also, no, i won't be giving the footage out.

        Deal with it.~
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        • Aug 12, 2012
          you know what I'm call in sick at work, let do this
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          • Feb 8, 2013
            Which time is mostly in Europe (Portugal, France and Spain, exactly)? Sorry to keep boring :razz:
          • Apr 3, 2013

            I think it would be purrty late. GMT is 5 hours ahead of EST, so if you were to live in a GMT timezone it would be 1 AM, Spain/France/Germany/Swedenland/ 2 AM, eastern would be 3+ AM, but nobody cares about east europe
          • Feb 1, 2011
          • Nov 26, 2011
            I almost had an aneurysm, a hernia, an ulcer and a kidney stone from the rage induced by that map yesterday.
          • May 31, 2012
            I'd have paid to see that.
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