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Jason Statham vs The World

Discussion in Movies started by Noah, Jul 31, 2013

  1. Mar 16, 2013
    This isnt actually a movie, but more of multiple movies put into a collage, and just comes to show why I love Jason Statham :')

    • Parker
    • The Expendables
    • Crank
    • Crank 2
    • Transporter
    • Transporter 2
    • Transporter 3
    • The Mechanic
    • Expendables 2
    • Killer Elite
    • Death Race
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    • Nov 11, 2011
      Expendables 2 was awesome.
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      • Dec 6, 2011
        He does all of his own stunts too, he's a very respectable actor.
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        • Oct 17, 2011
          I believe those moves he does took him lots of practice. Jason Statham is my favorite actor. I seen all of his movies and my favorite part of him was owning the people at the basketball field in the first expendables.
          I can't wait to see him in fast and furious 7!!!!
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