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Not Abuse Jed - MG

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by Haystack94, Jul 10, 2013

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  1. Jul 16, 2012
    (Just as a note, I wrote this up in a different thread, but said fuck it and I'm posting it here)

    Jed ->

    As requested by Jed, I'm making a forum post.

    Situation : On map Hide & Seek.

    I had just joined the server and joined T (dead), I was messing around / trolling with another player on T and told him to shoot at a plant. Little did I know this plant happened to be a CT, keep in mind I had just joined the server and went directly on T, I had no way of knowing what the enemy team was. I was immediately silenced by Jed, no warning (verbal, admin chat, or regular chat).

    I rejoined the server instantly to question the silence (I couldn't type or talk, also why was it not a mute since I did it via mic?). When I got in the player that was the plant, I supposedly "ghosted" started in on me, bashing me for ghosting on purpose and talking shit. Next map rolls through, I question Jed more about it, this followed :

    *FPCG| Xeo∽ಇღ: he wasnt -> DJ still talking shit to me about me "supposedly ghosting & Xeo defending"
    Trafz: He was -> Don't know who this guy is, but he was trying to get me banned as well.
    *Dead* Kanzaki: weird
    мσиѕтєя: Jed
    мσиѕтєя: If you're gonna get on me for making an observation / fucking with
    мσиѕтєя: whatever that guys name was
    мσиѕтєя: You best get on this fuck for constantly talking shit to me. -> Me tired of getting harassed on the mic via DJ.
    *Dead* DJ Devil Monkey =pF=: Your always talking shit to me! -> Kid that constantly talks shit in the server & has a boner for me
    *Dead* DJ Devil Monkey =pF=: So dont even
    *Dead* Fat Masta Shu: lol
    мσиѕтєя: Fucker, I don't think I said anything to you just now
    [pF] Jed (The Lagger) DeChamp: monster you dont realise how close i was to banning you -> The fuck? No warning from Admin chat or regular chat for that matter.
    мσиѕтєя: For what exactly?
    Trafz: You should ban him right now -> who the fuck is this guy and why does he hate me?
    мσиѕтєя: PLEASE DO EXPLAIN
    [pF] Jed (The Lagger) DeChamp: you avoided mute?
    мσиѕтєя: An unwarrented mute.

    Note, I edited out the kill / damage portion of this, as I took it directly from console.

    I chose to do an admin abuse thread over a normal question thread, simply due to the fact admins as of late, have been doing this shit. Jumping the gun & not giving players amble warning to fix their mistakes. In this case, I did nothing wrong, even though it may have seemed I was ghosting, I had no clue someone was actually a plant, I apologize promptly, even before the silence went out.

    I guess some clarification as well? If an unwarrented mute/gag/silence was given, are players allowed to rejoin to question it?
  2. May 27, 2008
    So.. regardless if the mute was [in your opinion] unwarranted, you reconnect to avoid it? I'm pretty sure you would have been unmuted within a couple moments of him issuing the warning, and you may have had the opportunity to ask your questions on why you received punishment then. Also, weren't you an admin at one point? You should know that trolling and purposely getting your teammates killed is in the rules..
  3. Oct 29, 2010
    As "unwarranted" is a matter of opinion, no you're not allowed to rejoin to avoid it, you should know better than to avoid punishment.

    As I wasn't there I can't very well gauge how appropriate the silence was, given the circumstances though, I think anyone would have assumed you ghosted.

    Being an admin previously as well as a regular on the server, warnings are often skipped, as you're to be already familiar with the rules. Since no warnings were given, I assume that's why you weren't banned for avoiding the silence, still that doesn't make what you did okay.
  4. Feb 3, 2012
    You told me in game that my mute was unwarranted and telling me how to do my job. So out of all you broke 3 rules: You ghosted, You avoided mute, and lastly you are telling an admin how to do his/her job.
  5. djdevilmonkey
    This message by djdevilmonkey has been removed from public view. Deleted by PeNguiN, Jul 10, 2013, Reason: Don't post in abuse threads that don't bring evidence or move forward to resolution.
    Jul 10, 2013
  6. Jul 16, 2012
    The unwarrented silence wasn't just my opinion, a regular in the server also questioned the silenced. Regardless if I would have been unsilenced in a few moments anyways, the silence should have never went out without the warning first. I was not mic spamming nor was I purposely "Ghosting". I've been a member of Plaguest since last January / February (IIRC) and an admin off and on throughout my time here. I know the rules & I would not have punished anyone in this situation.

    There is a difference between purposely getting your team mate killed & trying to have fun on the server. The line may be thin to some, but there is a distinct difference. I wasn't trying to get him killed, nor hurt for that matter. Just give him a second thought as to an object that was near. Granted, was there a need for me to say anything? No, but it's Mini-games and fun times ensue on it. Having a team mate make his mouse jump around after being told that, is funny as hell, to me anyways.
  7. Oct 29, 2010
    It's not uncommon for a preemptive punishment to go out to stop someone from continuing the breaking of whatever rule, followed by a warning and removing of said punishment immediately after.
    How on earth would anyone other than you know what you were doing? You told him what to shoot and it resulted in him killing someone, any reasonable mind would rightly assume you ghosted.
  8. Sep 14, 2008
    I have spoken to Jed about making sure to warn first, but you were also an admin and avoided a mute which you know better than that. So make up and move on. Locked.
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