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Jeezery Says Goodbye (Probably)

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Jed, Jun 27, 2013

  1. Feb 3, 2012
    Okay, I've decided to make this thread to talk about my closure thread. I'm going to be saying goodbye for probably the last time and this is actually something that just hit me while on one of the servers and it actually opened my eyes to what I need to do. I need to get back to the real world and take a break from this community and the online world and I don't want to say that I didn't enjoy playing on the community when I had the time, I just want to step back into the real world. There's also a lot of people that I want to thank some people and I want to give my best regards for some of you and hope for the best in your future. My first is Noire he was an admin a while back and we were both the same level around the time and he was the first one I actually became friends with and he helped me with the first big boost as being an admin on Plague Fest. Even though he isn't really around anymore I thought that he should be recognized. The most that I want to thank and hope for best regards are most of the players I met in game like Techboomer, Joshy, Aprz, Kill 'Em All, Bender Rodriguez and any others that I forgot all get my best regards in the future for them. I also want to thank most of the players that I became very good friends with such as Rico Suavé, Lystina, Tony the Tiger!! :grin:, Luffaren and Rayne Valar. I Hope for all of your best regards in the future and I want to thank you once more. I also want to thank Brett for the nights we've had on GTA. I also want to thank Detonator for the times we've had on the CS:S servers and the times we've had. Orange of all the times you've pissed me off you know, you were like a brother to me and you were a good friend and I hope all goes well for you. The last 2 that I want to thank both tie for who I want to thank out there would have to be benmytot and Vicarious. These two are the greatest friends that I've ever had and they helped me out at some hard times and they definitely deserve the greatest thanks. Anyone else that I forgot to mention I also want to thank and I hope for the best for Plague Fest. Maybe I'll come back some day and visit most of you. Thanks Plague Fest I've had the time of my life on the servers!


    EDIT: I forgot to mention that I want to apologize to retslag1 for the incident that occurred yesterday with training. I take the blame for it.
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      Jed, Jun 27, 2013 Last edited by Jed, Jun 28, 2013
    • Nov 6, 2011
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      • Dec 27, 2012
        You are and always will be welcome here Jeezery, and I ain't going anywhere either.
        Take care and stay cool just as you always have.:wave:
      • Feb 24, 2011
        Stay safe out there Jeezey, god speed!
      • Jun 11, 2012
        Hey Jeezery, I sorta felt something been troubling recently and I hope you cope with it. It was nice knowing and your a super duper quadruple stack hamburger swell of a guy and for that I thank ya. Hope you stick around and maybe come back. Have a wonderful time.
        I sad though
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        • Oct 29, 2010
          Good luck son.

          Make sure you seize the opportunity(s) in real life and really pursue your ambitions.

          For me, it's Day 58 of (temporarily, maybe. Dunno yet) quitting CSS. I realized how much I missed out in real life while I sat in front of a keyboard, etc.

          Good luck.
        • Sep 14, 2008
          Good Luck with your life Jeezery. I hope you have nothing but good things happen in your life. You'll be missed. :heart:
        • Dec 6, 2011
          In all honesty, the "Real World" is what you choose it to be. If you enjoy gaming and talking with your friends in this community, then that is your world. You choose what you want to do.

          Anyways, I hope you find whatever it is you're looking for. I'd really like for you to join us sometime in GTA whenever you can, it's going to get lonely not taking an RPG to the face every once in a while. Good luck! :thumbsup:
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          • Mar 20, 2011
            Later homie, stay out of trouble k?
          • Sep 25, 2010
            Aw who am i gonna abuse, tease and bully now :frown: oh well good luck its been fun knowing you :smile:
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            • Nov 19, 2010
              NOOOOOOOOOOO! Goodbye Jeezery! DON'T FORGET THE GREAT TIMES we've had in CS:S I'll miss you bro :smile: Good luck out there ! :beer:
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              • May 31, 2012
                I don't think I can say goodbye because I know that we will eventually be seeing you again (in a good way). I highly respect people who recognize when a break is needed for them. Good luck with your future endeavors and keep in touch on the forums if you can... share your success stories :wink:.

                I will miss seeing you in game having a good time but it is for a good cause; we will see you again when the time is right.

                Peace :wave:
              • Oct 17, 2011
                Jeezery you know i liked teasing you the most especially last year on zm when i always called you a noob, but you have always been a good friend and admin to this community. I liked you when you joined the zombiemod elites team because you got good skills that i saw of you on zm but use those skills in taking care of your real world which is the most important.
                Hope to talk to you again bro, take care.
              • May 12, 2007
                Jeezery, you will be missed, just remember you don't know what it is like out there, take a weapon with you sir, and perhaps some crackers, good luck and it was nice playing with you.
              • Feb 1, 2011
                Sorry to see you go @Jed, I hope you will reconsider and at least visit us sometimes. Either way, good luck with everything in life and hope all goes well for ya.
              • Apr 1, 2012
                it's been great memories back when it was only you and me in ZE as regular admins a year ago.

                good luck with your future endeavors and may the best comes to you.
              • Dec 12, 2011
                I feel terrible because I just figured out Jed was Jizzery. I never connected the dots.

                Handle your biz, take care :thumbsup:
              • Apr 3, 2013
                Mate, your drunken/random talk made the ZE server enjoyable, good luck out there in the real world, real life.

                With your avatar, i salute thee goodbye [IMG]
              • Apr 24, 2012
                Farewell friend, goodluck out there.:smile:
              • Aug 10, 2012
                Cya bud, make sure to stop by again some time.