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Jookbob's Rants/Suggestions

Discussion in Counter-Strike: Source started by jookbob, Mar 26, 2012

  1. Mar 19, 2012
    Just a few things i thought i would share. You do not have to agree with me, but these are my opinions.

    A - !nominate
    Terrible/broken system. How nominations work as of now is that whoever nominates a map first (thus getting #1 spot) always is chosen to be next map. Anyone who plays either ZM_ server knows that the same ~7 maps are played all day. I know there are tons and tons of great maps we dont play so here is my suggestion. Rewrite the nominate script so that nominations are placed randomly and a max of 3 nominations are allowed per round.

    B - Edge warriors
    We can all agree that "edge warriors" are annoying. With that being said I cannot understand how this server says that it will ban edge warriors. 1. How can you know if the person was trolling or just playing. it is nearly impossible to tell. *yes there are some trolls who constantly try to get their team killed in ZE_ which if its a trend should be punished, But what I am complaining about is when admins kick people for a single offense. It just doesn't seem right to me. And again these are just my opinions, feel free to disagree.

    C - Admins
    IMO admins are too robotic. By that I mean they literally follow the rules word by word. Sometimes the situations are ridiculous.

    example - Last night there were around 10 people in the ZM server and someone typed a youtube link and posted it twice. Nobody was talking or anything and the admin said stop spamming and made a big deal out of it. Please Admins use your common sense. Please think of why certain rules are put in place. Its not just spamming its stuff like sprays that are extremely inappropriate but apparently no vagina is showing so that makes it valid.

    D - Mako should be removed until fixed.
    Materia spamming or whatever is a map bug and players shouldnt be banned for it as i see happening.


    Hopefully ZE_Mako will be over now that I finished this thread.
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    • Mar 6, 2012
      Actually, jookbob. That was me who told him not to spam it. I told him not to because it was a link to a racist video.

      Though I have to agree with some of your post. I think that as far an nomination goes. That's a mob mentality issue. People spam 1, then the rest follow suit.
    • Mar 19, 2012
      Yea, but that's not my point. I think SOME admins don't realize why rules are set in place and take it too literal.
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      • Mar 12, 2008
        Point proven. There's a reason we have these rules in place, for occasions like this.

        Just don't intervene when an admin is doing their work and everything will be fine.

        as for the rest of the "rant"

        D @retslag1
        B @Haplo
        A @Kyle
      • Sep 30, 2011
        I have a question.
        What exactly are you hoping to accomplish with the admins? Its not something given to people who stand above the rest, it is just simply bought.
        Dealing with Retards who have the money to spend is part of that gamble.
        TL;DR - Life sucks.
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        • Mar 6, 2012
          Xombie, I resemble that comment!
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          • Sep 30, 2011
            All out of love bro. <3
          • Jun 10, 2011
          • Feb 24, 2011
            My input about all of this

            A - I kinda agree to this to some part altough the more overplayed maps seems to keep the servers filled pretty good, i'll leave it at that.
            B - There are cases where it's obvious that a player is intentionally griefing (as for when the same player does/tries it multiple times), altough i never punish without being certain that a player is.
            C - We need to stay strict about our rules, simple as that. But that doesn't mean we have to go all robo-admin on it, i'd still like to be helpful and keep a good mood in the server. I also believe that Marshall/Taters are right about their input.
            D - Hang in there! Hannibal/Kaemon are currently working on a new version with less lag, improved things and unspammable materias. :wink:

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            • Feb 1, 2011
              A. Map votes / nominations have been brought up numerous times. I, too, miss when everyone could nominate, but we had a problem with some people using it to troll (they'd nominate the worst map and it would win because of inevitable 1 spam and the server would clear out). Regarding 1 spam and how to fix that...that's been so beat to death that I don't want to touch it. I've seen some possible solutions on other servers, but at the same time they're kinda convoluted and a pain in the ass.

              B. I wasn't aware that we were punishing / banning edge warriors. I see nothing wrong with defending at the line and holding off within the practical limitations of the map and the situation at hand. What is not allowed is intentional zombification - if you're acting like an edge warrior but your true intent is to get stabbed and fuck over the team, that's not okay.

              C. Every admin has their own take on things, though we try to keep the same flow. Some things, like racial slurs, need to be enforced with a "no tolerance" mindset. If we let little things slide, even if they are implied with no malicious intent, it opens the loophole for trolls to abuse it. I try my best to see everything in context - it's mostly about the intent of the offender rather than the offense in many cases.

              D. We enforce against materia spamming. I'll admit it's a pain in the ass, but a punishable griefing tactic is no reason to remove one of the most popular maps on ZE.

              TL;DR: Most of the things you bring up exemplify "why we can't have nice things", if you know what I mean. Thanks for your input - I think you brought up a lot of good points.
            • May 27, 2008
              What the hell is an edge warrior? I've never once heard that term used before.
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              • Jan 8, 2012

                A - I agree nominate is a little cheap, any admin can nominate a map first and its always number 1 when the map vote comes up which ends up being played a lot of the time.

                IE. Most people spam the 1 key when their in the middle of a fight regardless of map choice.

                C - As for the rules, I'm sure they were made after several years of learning, mistakes, and decision. They are there to run a server which you may not see the in-depth reasoning, but it provides a good, even flow of power. By this I mean if admins follow the rules then they will never be wrong. But when people stop being robotic as you called it, peoples discretion, and opinions get involved instead of just doing what the LSA's and Owners have set in stone.
              • Apr 29, 2011
                Im curious as to why you think there should be 3 max nominations. And while 1 spam usually wins the day, it only takes one guy with a mic to convince the herd of cattle that is the group of players to vote something else (I remember fondly the time I convinced the server that playing Rollermine was a better idea than playing Mako, and Mako was in the one slot.) Besides, if the group likes to play the same 7 maps over and over again, they'll probably keep voting for those maps, regardless of placement.

                Edge warriors, for those who haven't seen the term, is the practice of getting on the very edge of an obstacle in order to get a better shot at zombies. Basically, its the nubs who stand on the top of the boxes at the end of Predator on Hyper. And it can be easy to tell if they are trying to grief. If they do it multiple times and consistently set off the fail train chain reaction from said edge....they're probably trying to grief.

                First off, the posting of URLs in the chat is against the rules, regardless of how many times it was posted. If it was a racist video, even more reason to stop the guy from posting the link.
                Second, nude sprays are not the only ones against the rules. Racist, as well as generally disgusting sprays are also against the rules.

                Materia Spamming is not a map bug. It is when someone goes up to another persons materia and uses it, usually in a poor area. Yes, sometimes this can be accidental, such as when the materia holder is retarded and stands in front of a button as someone tries to press the button. Usually, the difference between accidental and on purpose is quite obvious. Anyways, that issue is supposed to be dealt with in Hannibals next update.
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                • Feb 9, 2012
                  Sorry but i'd like to debunk these rumors about 1 spammers. they do not exist or not as much as people like to think. i think it's a way for people to cope with why their vote lost. i'd also like to give my input on the other points you brought up (not that i believe they are all wrong, it's just id like to point out the other side of it)

                  A: Yes nominations are lame, anyone can just join the server quickly and nominate any map, then change it to the map they really want and itll stay at the top. As for 1 spammers, they don't happen as you think they do. How do I know?, with a server filled with around 50 players, we were debating and talking about 1 spammer. to prove my point that they don't exist, 5 minutes after the debate i created a Vote which asked "Change map?" with the number 1) . 2) no 3) yes
                  Would you like to guess how many voted for 1?...only 3 people out of around 43 votes.

                  B: Yeh edge warriors are lame, and i do enforce this rule on certain maps as they are obviously edging on purpose sometimes. When your team is screaming in chat and saying in mic ''get away from the edge'', that should really tell you something. if i see someone run up to the edge and get knifed, i wouldnt think that was on purpose but ill remember their name and kick them if they do so again. If you get knifed along the edge , it should tell you that zombies ARE able to knife u from there which means you should be staying away from that spot.

                  C: We have to take rules word for word sometimes. We did not create the rules so we do not know how they were interpretted when created. If we do something wrong, our adminship could be revoked or any chance of future promotion could be denied. Also, sometimes we're just not too sure on what the rules are and follow the exact rules rather than create our own. <<-- sorry my point was just stupid, not even sure if it was worth reading.

                  D: Most maps have bugs, not many are bug-free. why do we kick for materia spammers? because if you wanna be literal about it, they are griefing and they are exploiting a bug (which is being able to use another player's materia). We can't just remove a map just because we find 1 or 2 bugs on it, unless it affects gameplay severely and constantly. Also like Quietly said, it's obvious when people are trolling materias. If they're used right by the buttons on the map, then it's reasonable to believe it was on accident or if they have a materia and was just trying to use their own. When people are running and they just see a shiny orb and decide to press it, then that is a possible kick. Also one time we had someone who asked how to spam materia or what it was, so we told him and 10 seconds later what do you know? he decides to test it.

                  Oh also, i do not believe any map is ''overplayed''. It requires you to play 10 maps before you're able to play them again. and the map averagely ends at 30 minutes unless rtved.
                  So unless you stay on for like 4+ hours, or join the server everytime the map comes on to complain, or just play every 4 hours, NO map is ''overplayed''. Yeh they get voted when they're available but they obviously win for a reason. Just as most people want to rtv, and some don't, the majority will win.
                  But here's a tip : If you don't like the map that's winning in votes, it's best to !revote and pick the second most voted map, at least that way it has a chance to beat the map you hate.

                  Edit: Bolded the main points of my counter-argument.
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                  • Dec 6, 2011
                    tl:dr some replies,

                    -but for the nominating, I'm one of the people that'll steal first spot (since I always load the map first) and put in a map that's barely played. So no need to worry about repeating maps while I'm on.

                    -Edge Warriors, obviously not going to kick somebody who's a noob, but if they're doing it intentionally, I can tell, and I'll take care of them.

                    -I'm not a 'robot'.

                    -And mako is a very popular map that everybody loves to play. You're telling me people who intentionally troll materias shouldn't be banned because they're using a glitch in the map? I always warn the first time if somebody does it on accident, but if the person intentionally does it, let's say goes up to three different materias in a short amount of time and spams them, then I'll deal with him accordingly.

                    But back to your point on admins saying "stop spamming". Some admins may be a little too strict, and don't let players talk (not a clue why).
                  • Feb 14, 2012
                    A - Nominations is a perks of being an admin if you're not happy with the maps being chosen. Donate. The final vote is a democracy.
                    B - Good luck trying to find the edge warrior in a group of 40 + people even if you did read the console prove he was an edge warrior or just trying to get over last.
                    C - If you don't like the rules of the server go somewhere else. Admins are damned if they do and damned if you don't we have a list of procedures we have to follow. You getting warned over the admin chat is nothing to even remotely get worked up about. No you are not allowed to spam.
                    D - Materia spam is a bannable offense. You're telling me someone is walking along spamming the use button randomly? The button has no other use but opening doors. There is no reason for someone to be hitting that button in a group of 50 people.

                    As for "no spamming" the only time I even warn is when you people are either screaming into the mic. Making random noises while people are trying to talk. Or all talking over each other which makes nothing but chatter noise (nobody can understand you anyways). The only time I mute is during a map vote and that is only when one or more dumbfucks are screaming "1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111" or "33333333333333333333333" at the top of their lungs.
                  • Mar 19, 2012
                    "A - Nominations is a perks of being an admin if you're not happy with the maps being chosen. Donate. The final vote is a democracy." - Vladimir Putin

                    an example of nomination abuse: One day someone nominated mako, Lots of people complained once the map was put on. It was extended 2 times as people are trained to do by admins, and then after mako someone nominated paranoid. At this point there are around 18 people in the server. Then someone nominated mako again as a joke and it actually got chosen and server emptied to 2 players, those of which were probably afk/spectators.

                    Out of all the things i mentioned I think nominations would be easiest to fix.
                  • Jan 21, 2011
                    You can't nominate a map that's been recently played unless the server crashes. In that case it's not a problem with the nomination system.
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                    • Oct 29, 2010
                    • Jun 23, 2011
                      LOL MAKO WITH 2 PLAYERS

                      Whew I needed that one

                      Anyways on topic

                      I do agree that some maps are a bit overplayed it keeps the server full and like everyone says people can make it different maps If anyone plays with me they would know I get the server on the most random maps :grin: (MINECRAFT FTW)

                      Also some admins are a bit crazy about the rules but its not that much of a problem
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