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[Jul 1, 2015] CS:GO Zombie Escape Event / Competition

Discussion in Events started by Detonator, Jun 26, 2015

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CS:GO Zombie Escape Event / Competition
CS:GO Zombie Escape
Confirmed Attendees: 0
Start Date: Jul 1, 2015 07:00 PM
End Date: Aug 1, 2015 12:00 AM
Time zone: America/New_York -04:00 EDT
  1. Sep 25, 2010
    This is will be a month long event where we all hop on everyday at the same time in an effort to populate and make zego happen. This will be tough and hard. All of pF is going to have to work together and make an effort in making zego a success. As we have seen before hopping on on random days for a short period of time isn't going to work. We all need to hop on every day so new players have a server to come to. Enough of this!

    What is this competition?
    Well to promote in game competitiveness and reward you for your activity there will be a ranks plugin (not gameme) that actually accounts for your skill level as a ze player. These are the events that will reward you points:
    • Kill a human (as a zombie)
    • Win a round as a human
    Plugin requires a minimum of 5 players before data is collected.
    Commands available to you:
    !zrank - displays your rank
    !zsession - displays current session data
    !ztop - displays top 10
    !zprofile - changes your profile visibility. Private means your score wont be seen when calculating top10 or rank
    When is this competition?
    This competition starts on 1st of July at 7pm EDT and will run until July 31st. The competition runs 24/7 during this time, but we will attempt to populate the server every day at 7pm EDT.

    Not sure when it's 7pm EDT in your timezone? This should help: http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/

    For EU:
    Starting 5th of July we will all join at 8 pm CEST to play. Any US players online are welcome to come!

    Where is this competition?
    CSGO ZE server. Add the following IP to your favorites:
    • goze.plaguefest.com or zego.plaguefest.com
    Who is the winner?
    The top 3 players of the rank plugin are the winners.

    What is the prize?
    Prizes are as follows:
    1st place goes to @Kosmo: 50$ to spend on admin and/or donator and/or a game of your choosing.
    2nd place goes to @SubDelt@: 30$ to spend on admin and/or donator and/or a game of your choosing.
    3rd placegoes to @Mar1299: 20$ to spend on admin and/or donator and/or a game of your choosing.[/code]
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      Detonator, Jun 26, 2015 Last edited by Detonator, Aug 1, 2015
    • Feb 25, 2014
      Sounds very interesting

      edit: is it just me or is the server offline
    • Oct 25, 2013
      I can participate as long as I can actually join the server, last time I tried it didn't let me connect for some reason.
    • Mar 16, 2012
      im in, for the watch
    • Sep 25, 2010
      It was offline. Was doing some work on it.

      Can you try connecting now? ip is goze.plaguefest.com or zego.plaguefest.com
    • Brian
      This message by Brian has been removed from public view. Deleted by Brian, Jun 26, 2015, Reason: event thread merge.
      Jun 26, 2015
    • Dec 27, 2012
    • Oct 25, 2013
      Looks like it's working now, I was able to successfully connect. Though there are no maps other than the default ones:
    • Feb 24, 2011
      Can we get it up on http://plaguefest.com/servers/?
      Also, steam group mass messages please!

      Bring your friends, bring your family, bring your enemies, bring your secP's.
    • Sep 7, 2010
      It shouldent be a competition. Everyone should be rewarded for giving their time and patience to the server's success. I think everyone that helps create a new era should be rewarded admin for life if the server becomes popular and self sufficient based on its own merit. I think its flawed to ask for the ingredients of the bread and not offer a piece of it when it has been baked. Thats just how i feel about it at this point in time.
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      • May 15, 2011

        Ah, that was funny.

        But let's be serious, how about like a couple months of donor? Or let Deto think these things out for you young one.
      • Sep 25, 2010
        I disagree.

        I agree. I already have mentioned wanting to reward player activity (somewhere not available to public). I just haven't worked out the details for that yet. Patience young one!
      • Sep 7, 2010
        Why not? Its all about creation of something of nothing.
        Post Merged, Jun 26, 2015

        Competition breeds animosity and ill will. Right now it is being asked of the community to come together to create new friendships and comradery . If there is competition over 3 spots it will breed tight knit groups and distancing.

        I am not young and I don't like being treated like my ideas are born of youthful ignorance.
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        • Sep 25, 2010
          It was just a saying. No offence intended.
        • Sep 7, 2010
          Im sorry i didnt mean it like that deto
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          • May 31, 2012
            (Don't trust a single thing Deto says. Don't trust this thread. Don't)
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            • Feb 24, 2011
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              • Oct 29, 2010
                I'll throw in a few bucks.

                will msg u later dato
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                • Nov 7, 2013
                  AHH yes time to get back to ze on plagefest this time on csgo cant wait definitely be there, thanks for this event.
                • Sep 7, 2010
                  I am excited to see cs:go ze in action!
                  adinsx, Jun 26, 2015 Last edited by adinsx, Jun 27, 2015