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[Jun 22, 2012] Mapping Contest "mg_lego_builder"

Discussion in Events started by Josh, Jun 9, 2012

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Mapping Contest "mg_lego_builder"
Confirmed Attendees: 6
Start Date: Jun 22, 2012 11:00 PM
End Date: Jun 23, 2012 12:00 AM
Time zone: America/Los_Angeles -07:00 PDT
The following users have RSVP'd "Yes": 6
  1. Mar 16, 2008
    EVENT DETAILS BELOW (The Event is over)

    For those who have been lucky enough to try this map, we currently have mg_lego_builder_v1 on rotation.
    It is a different style minigame map and I think our mappers can make it better. I'm looking to see who can create a new version of this map with more options and different layouts. I would prefer either two people per team controlling floors, whether that means different stories or controlling half of a team's floors. Hell, you could randomly finish making your layout and it give it to the other team. There are a ton of things that can be done.
    Please review @GRUDGE's helpful post clarifying how to make this map.

    Placing will be decided by vote

    1. First Place will have the option of Humble Bundle V with a copy of Nuclear Dawn, $30 off Steam or 3 months of Admin.
    2. Second Place will have the option of one of the following: Deus Ex Standard Edition, Dead Space 2, Nuclear Dawn, or Dungeon Defenders.
    3. Third Place will have the option to choose a game out of the previous pool that wasn't chosen by the Second Place holder.
    Below is crap that Josh can think of at this hour that might help. IT IS NOT REQUIRED
    • Ramps that lead up walls
    • More people creating the maps
    • Different versions of walls/props: Toggle On> Toggle Different Type > Off
    • Different Stories
    • Randomly "Error" and swap what the teams made
    I'm giving 2 weeks for this contest so we will finish at Jun 23/2012 at 12:00 AM

    Maps must be submitted in this thread.
    Josh, Jun 9, 2012 Last edited by Josh, Jun 23, 2012
  2. Jun 4, 2006
    sooo the first place prize is essentially worse than the 2nd? cause ND and DD cost more than HBV last I checked (which with the unlocked shit is about $8). Whereas ND is currently $19.99 retail, and DD is $14.99 for a combined value of $34.98

    I guess HBV is hot shit right now.
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    • Mar 16, 2008
      Fuck, I'll give them a copy of ND with HBV.
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      • Feb 18, 2011
        I'd be happy to donate a game to make 1st prize more desirable.
      • Mar 16, 2008
        @Momo is already planning on getting a steam gift card and giving it to the map he likes the most. I'll make sure we have something to choose from though.
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        • Jul 28, 2011
          Here are the Lego textures, for anyone who doesn't have them already:


          Don't forget to pack them in when you're done! Not that you have to use them, but I think the idea's great.

          As for how to make this kind of map, here's a method I think should work:

          In the builder room, create a small representation of the map (to scale would be nice). All of the toggle-able objects should be a func_wall_toggle with the flag "Starts invisible" checked. Name this object, and make an invisible button. On the button, make the output be OnPressed > WallName > Toggle. Make sure the flags "don't move", "damage activates", and "use activates" are all checked.

          Now when you make the playable part of your map, make it just like you did the mini part (but scaled larger, please! we want to fit in it...). You will use a func_wall_toggle here as well. To cut your number of outputs in half (or in thirds or fourths or fifths... depending on how many builders you have) name each wall in the builder room the same name as the wall in the playable area.

          Edit: here's an interesting thing I found out while browsing through the good old VDC:
          Be sure to make your map foolproof too. Don't copy and paste stuff from the original because that's just a douche move. GLHF
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            GRUDGE, Jun 9, 2012 Last edited by GRUDGE, Jun 17, 2012
          • Mar 12, 2008
            I have a copy of Deus Ex Standard Edition, or Dead Space 2 that i can add to the prize pool.

            I can also draw the winner/runners up a picture in paint in their honor.
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            • May 15, 2011
              Oh. Well if that's all their is to it than sure, I'll hop in to. I suck with counters and auto's so I thought I had to sit this one out. Thanks Grudge. :heart:

              Also, does this have to be in Lego textures @Josh?

              I think this would make a great first prize. Screw the games.
            • Mar 12, 2008
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              • Nov 11, 2011
                Oh man! I have so much on my plate, this deadline is ahhhhh! Grudge let's teamup homeslice. I'm working on like 3 or 4 maps. I forget.
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                • Jul 28, 2011
                  Sorry wonder bread, I'm soloing this. And I'm working on more :razz:
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                  • Oct 29, 2010
                    Winner will also get....

                    3 month's of admin


                    $30 worth of whatever they want off steam.
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                    • Nov 11, 2011
                      The stakes have just been raised! Ho ho ho!
                    • May 14, 2011
                      OMG the stakes are now sky high!

                      *EDIT* Also maybe the second prize could a be a choice between 1 months admin and the games you have made available so far? (This is not directed at Momo, just avoiding a DP)
                    • Feb 24, 2011
                      is it 100% obligatory to have it lego themed? I'm fine with that if it is, no worries. AkA: Luffaren can't read earlier posts.

                      *I'll call it mg_battlebuilder*
                      Luffaren, Jun 9, 2012 Last edited by Luffaren, Jun 9, 2012
                    • Feb 21, 2007
                      @Josh , after its over, are we planning on testing the maps on the mg server, or test server even (then it could be invite only)?

                      EDIT: and I dont think Josh ever specified that it is required to be Lego themed, however, you are remaking the lego map, and the lego textures were already given to you...
                    • Jul 28, 2011
                      Just a warning to all: hammer has its limits, and this kind of map will exceed them if you're not careful... map smart and don't waste any entities!

                      For an idea of how precious every entity is, the maker of the original said that he did not add anything else because he almost reached the limit.
                      GRUDGE, Jun 9, 2012 Last edited by GRUDGE, Jun 9, 2012
                    • May 14, 2011
                      umm no idea how he managed to reach the 2000 entity limit :arrogant:

                      I can only imagine hitting around 1000 with my improvements. O.o
                    • Jul 28, 2011
                      Well, with how he did it, this is how the average square looks:
                      • 1 square + 3 small ones
                      • Up to 4 walls + up to 12 small ones
                      • 1 button for floor per square
                      • 4 buttons for walls per square
                      Multiply that by 64 total squares... and you are already have about 1600 entities for just the floors and walls.

                      Of course, if you combined some things, you are much less likely to have these issues.
                      GRUDGE, Jun 9, 2012 Last edited by GRUDGE, Jun 9, 2012
                    • Nov 11, 2011
                      Can someone verify this mans math!?!?