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Just another CS:S ze event

Discussion in Setup an Event started by Hydreigon, Jun 26, 2016

What maps would you like to try on this server.

Mako 3 vote(s) 25.0%
Predator 5 vote(s) 41.7%
Minas 1 vote(s) 8.3%
Paper Escaper 4 vote(s) 33.3%
Westersand v7_2 5 vote(s) 41.7%
Skyrim 1 vote(s) 8.3%
Pirates 3 vote(s) 25.0%
Convoy 4 vote(s) 33.3%
Lila Panic 2 vote(s) 16.7%
Portal Story 2 vote(s) 16.7%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Apr 28, 2013
    What server: CS:S Zombie Escape

    When: Unknown

    Why: To see what we can do about zombie escape and play some good ol maps. May end up doing another event depending on how this one goes. I will make a poll on what maps you all would like to do for this event (may end up doing 2 or 3 maps). Also, we may save mako for the last map (in case some players would only come for mako).

    Other maps I should mention but are currently not on the server.

    Shroomforest v4_5
    Shroom2 b6
    Stalker v3
    Dark Souls
    Castlevania aka. Secret Project L
    Ancient Wrath (Struppi's forbidden tomb)
    Serpentis Escape
    Exorath re3 (fixed/final/stable/latest version)
    Harry Potter (remove current version from rotation as the version most use is v1_3. A v2 is being in the works so it's not recommended to put that map in rotation anyway)
    Cosmo Canyon
    Temple Raider
    Fapescape Rote
    Infected Sewers v6 (new version in dev atm)
    Ashen Keep (new map in beta)
    Christmas Beta v3d
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      Hydreigon, Jun 26, 2016 Last edited by Hydreigon, Jul 30, 2016
    • Jul 27, 2008
      If I'm not doing anything that day Id be down for sure.
    • Jun 11, 2012
      Heard mako was next map. we out

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      • J BomBer's Booty Hole
        This message by J BomBer's Booty Hole has been removed from public view. Deleted by Tony The Tiger, Jun 26, 2016, Reason: does not contribute to the topic.
        Jun 26, 2016
      • Jan 25, 2014
      • Feb 24, 2011

        I'd prefer a ZEGO event, but i'm not against joining in CSS ZE (if i'm available)
        I've been pretty busy with work/mapping/irl stuff lately. I really gotta get the new map out there asap, so the nightly zego yelling/invite-spamming from my end has been on hold.
        That doesn't mean that other people can join/invite/yell though.
      • Apr 28, 2013
        CSGO ze may be more populated than css but from seeing a lot of communities, there are more kids compared to dedicated mature players. This can mean "we all" can make a great change out of it to show a community that can reach far in important maps quite often. I do miss a good ol css ze from this community.
      • Dec 27, 2013
      • Nov 13, 2012
        Nooo only in cs:go event !
        Css ist dead
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        • Mar 30, 2013
          Hydreigon seriously, you should really give up with pF CS:S ZE, you probably dont notice it, but you are being boring everytime you talk about that.
          if you like this community so much, help them get a working CS:GO ZE.
          CS:S is dead, there is NO point in trying hard to get new players for a dead server.

          "if these events in succession become a complete, I will host a daily event "
          Come on, I'm sure all the pF management would be happy if you did this for CS:GO.

          "give admin as a prize."
          That's great ! Someone will get admin. But nope, it will bring nothing interesting for pF. The person will be admin 1 month, okay, and what after ? He wont rebuy admin.
          If you attracted people to csgo ze, I'm sure people would want to become admin after playing regularly, and buy themselves the admin.
        • Apr 28, 2013
          Putting an event like this on indefinite hold. I would like to see what future this community has.
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          • Jun 29, 2014
            css ze is done, basically so is zego, people play go for competitive, not play the same old mod thats been around forever.
          • Apr 28, 2013
            Don't forget the "skins" too. I think it may be starting to be the end of zombie escape, css and csgo, ALL POSSIBLE communities.
          • Jun 29, 2014
            and that too, basically play for everything besides zombie mods and escape.
          • Apr 28, 2013
            Placing event back up. Place your votes now (pls).
          • Sep 16, 2015
          • Apr 28, 2013
            Event in 5 days (or so). Gonna have to keep bumping especially till the last few days.
            WAKE UP!!!!!!
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            • Apr 30, 2016
              Mods in GO suck, period. Mods in CSS rule, period. But for the fucks who play GO for the gamemodes really ruin a part of CS because a big part of it is the minigames and GO are trying there best to get rid of them with source 2. We need to get back to css or get a mod for go
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              • Dec 27, 2013
                pls do a wesetrsand v7_2 event. i would like to win that map once in pF
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