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Just some ZE maps stats...

Discussion in CS:S Zombie Escape started by Hek, May 16, 2013

  1. Jan 14, 2012
    Hello fellow ZE enthusiast,

    When you look at the playing time of some maps, you have to wonder why that is. In my opinion, this number directly reflects the popularity / acceptance of the map. If it's high, it's predator or mako. Power of the crowd, big data, however you'd like to call it, I think it works. The URL below essentially displays a Top 25 for ZE maps.


    • The voting process is currently dictated by the guy who has the fastest PC (so to speak). He gets first spot and everybody knows, #1 wins a lot. I've seen #6 won the vote, but only if it was pred or mako. It would be good to randomly assign the spots, to get a clearer view of what maps are liked / good.
    The goal of this topic is to start a discussion regarding the methodology of:
    1. New maps
    2. Maps in the cycle
    3. Nominations
    4. Voting
    5. Old maps
    My view on the points :
    1. I think mappers deserve a lot more attention for their hard work. Maybe even a prominent button on the website. They are essentially the driving force behind Counter-Strike: Source - Zombie Escape. Without their constant flow of innovation, we wouldn't have gone past de_dust2. Regarding this point: I really enjoy testing new maps, but sometimes I miss it because I didn't know about it. Creating an event for testing maps would be awesome.
    2. Number of maps in the cycle. There are a lot of good maps on the list, but the number is imo too high at the moment.
    3. Nominations should be randomized (keeping the reason in limitation above in mind)
    4. Fine as it is if you ask me.
    5. In the world of software you sometimes have to relinquish bad, old things. Bad maps are maps with bugs, maps most people don't like and older maps with very low playing time.

    What do you think?

    * I missed a subject / limitation / issue, no doubt... please add it to the list :smile:

    tl;dr: discussion about the map cycle on zombie escape and yes I have way too much time :wink:
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      Hek, May 16, 2013 Last edited by Hek, May 16, 2013
    • Mar 12, 2008
      1. You know mappers that have maps on rotation get the "mapper" status and free donor right? Also join the pF community map testing group - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/pF_map_testing
      2. You can have too many maps?
      3.4. wat
      5. While old maps can be removed, the rule that @Josh had was: "For every map you'd like removed, find two to replace it". They are always on the fastDL so it can be brought back any time, but it's much simpler to just leave it be. Most "bad" maps on ZE have minor gameplay bugs or there is always someone on that can fix any lingering damage.
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      • May 18, 2012
        That's one of the best ideas I've heard on a long time! The person with the fastest PC really has the power of choosing the maps we are gonna play, sadly. Immediately when the vote appears, the 1st map on the voting list gets like a headstart on 10 votes, because of the well-known 1 spammers... I think this is a big issue because it makes people that don't like mako, predator and skyrim dislike the server more. It's sad how those 3 maps among others always is on the map history.
      • Aug 7, 2012
        Buy a faster SSD to get first nom!

        If that bug could get some attention I'd love to see the nominations randomized. People tend to just spam 1 for everything.
      • Nov 11, 2011
        I believe they have to be original maps and you need two active maps on rotation, unless Josh modified this recently.
      • Jul 1, 2010
        Believe you only need 1.

        Also, mapper rewards have already been discussed in another thread and everybody felt that free donor and a mapper usergroup on the forums was enough, and I still feel this way. As was said before, we have a map testing group where map tests are announced.

        Also this is what Luff said on mumble: "Mappers getting donor and the perks that go with it is a perfect reward for getting a map on the server and the perfect way to handle it. In my opinion."
      • Jan 14, 2012
        1. I know, and I just joined the group. Linking this to the site would be even cooler though :smile:
        2. You can have too many maps imo, quality over quantity.
        3. Ok
        4. Yep. Not all things suck haha
        5. Of course, they remain on the server and they can be added back to the nomination list at any time. However, my point is to reduce the size of the nomination list
        Partially agree, because having a number 1 spot in the vote doesn't necessarily mean the map wins. But besides that, the maps are always in the map history because people like to play them. It's that simple if you ask me :smile:
        Hek, May 19, 2013 Last edited by Hek, May 19, 2013
      • Feb 3, 2012
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      • Feb 12, 2012
        People are lazy. They don't want to read through the whole voting list. So, when they see something familiar on first positions, they just vote this and they don't care if there are any other good interesting maps in the rest of the list. Thats where "1st nomination" and "1-spamm" plays it's role. There are people who love Mako/Pred/Para/etc over other maps, so they nominating them. If these guys connect fast, maps appearing on first positions and people just vote them without any will to actually choose from the whole list.

        Never gona happen. I've created a thread about this once. Offered to randomize maps appearance in voting list. Admins just said "STFU" and closed the thread in about 10 minutes after it was created. So don't even think about this.
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        • Mar 30, 2013
          Maybe put a timer before players can nominate a map (10 min for example). So everybody (donator ofc) have the possibility to nominate the first map.
        • Jun 4, 2006
          To be fair you created a thread about changing 1 to being a random vote / null vote or muting all players during a vote - you said nothing about randomizing nominations/maps in the voting list (http://plaguefest.com/threads/map-voting-request.10783/). The randomize maps / nominations idea has been brought up in several threads, and the reason we haven't done randomized maps / nominations in the votes yet has always been this: http://plaguefest.com/threads/ze-suggestions.12894/#post-179706

          'Never gona happen' might be true, but that depends almost entirely on the bug with SourceMod. If this happens to change we'll revisit it.
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          • Oct 11, 2012
            This may have been mentioned in the past. but what about the 1 position always being nulled and the maps just all move down a slot to consume 2-8? A lot of times I hit one to switch back to primary... notably I always do a !revote once I catch that it accidently voted 1 for me. This may do nothing but turn 1 spam into 2 spam... but just a thought.
          • Feb 12, 2012
            Indeed. I'm sorry. Forgot I asked about another thing :frownbig:
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            • Apr 9, 2012
              I once suggested a mapper skin on the server for mappers only, so that it might encourage other people to map as well for that one awsome skin, but it's unfortunatly not possible and of course I'm superhappy with the free perks and donor. One thing however that we could try is a mapper tag only, in the same direction as Pf admins or LSA or Root have, or a PF Mapper clan where only mappers of the PF community can join in with control of a PF manager again.

              Just tossing around ideas, but what I think most mappers want is for the community to visibly see their mapper status, as with free donor they "only look like" donators rather than something special or being "more rewarding" than a donator, can't really explain well lol
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              • Apr 20, 2011
                there always map that get overplayed even if it get removed there another one to replace it
                just fact